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Vampire Survivors Weapon Tier List With Legacy of the Moonspell DLC (January 2023)

What's your favorite loadout?

by Nikola L

Vampire Survivors has captured the attention of many players worldwide, and it’s because of all the good reasons. The game brought back the old-school gaming spirit into 2022 and that got people hooked. Despite being a small indie studio, poncle won quite a few awards and nominations for Vampire Survivors. In this article, we cover a tier list of all weapons in Vampire Survivors, with Legacy of the Moonspell DLC included.

Best Weapons in Vampire Survivors: Ranked (January 2023)

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After the tremendous success of our Character Tier List, we’ve decided to take a shot at making a Weapon Tier List, and we hope you’ll enjoy it as well. As per usual: clarifications:

  • S++ Tier: Crem De La Creme, OP stuff
  • S+ Tier: Top-of-the-line weapons
  • S Tier: Great weapons
  • A Tier: Still good, but not overpowered
  • B Tier: Average weapons
  • C Tier: Weakest weapons in the game

Due to some weapons having evolutions, being unions, or gifts, it’s going to be a bit messy and chaotic as we dive deep into this list. Thank you for your understanding. There will of course, be some divisive opinions in the Tier List, but such is the case with every Tier List in the world, where there’s subjectivity in bigger or smaller amounts. Stuff is sorted by Tiers, without any specific order within each Tier.

TierWeapon Name
S++Sole Solution, Victory Sword, Super Candybox II Turbo, Infinite Corridor, Crimson Shroud
S+La Borra, Gorgeous Moon, Mannajja, Ashes of Musspell, Muramasa, Phieraggi, Fuwalafuwaloo, Candybox
SPentagram, Greatest Jubilee, Tri-Bracelet, Flames of Misspell, Death Spiral, Heaven Sword, Unholy Vespers, Hellfire, Soul Eater, NO FUTURE, Thunder Loop, Valkyrie Turner, Godai Shuffle, Echo Night, Boo Roo Boolle
AGarlic, Santa Water, Lightning Ring, Phiera Der Tuphello, Eight the Sparrow, Shadow Pinion, Laurel, Bone, Celestial Dusting, Bracelet, Bi-Bracelet, Silver Wind, Four Seasons, Summon Night, Mille Bolle Blu, Night Sword, 108 Bocce, Bloody Tear, Holy Wand, Thousand Edge, Vicious Hunger, J’Odore, Vandalier
BMagic Wand, Axe, Cross, King Bible, Fire Wand, Runetracer, Song of Mana, Clock Lancet, Carrello, Mirage Robe,
CWhip, Knife, Peachone, Ebony Wings, Gatti Amari, Vento Sacro

Garlic might be one of those divisive weapons, but let’s face it: It’s brutally useful when you are starting Vampire Survivors, it provides easy starts to your runs, and its evolution heals you. Clock Lancet is about the same. It buys you enough time when your characters are weaker and allows you to extend your runs, but later down the line you only ever need it if you want to toy around with an Arcana that grants Clock Lancet’s attacks some actual damage or to Kill the Reaper (Red Death).

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