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How to Unlock the Victory Sword in Vampire Survivors

So, you want to slash enemies like an anime ninja samurai? Sure thing!

by Nikola L

Victory Sword is a really powerful weapon that was released in Vampire Survivors in Patch 0.11. The unlocking process is not the easiest one, but Prima Games is always here to help you out with guides for your favorite games. Stick with us until the end of the article and you will learn about all the necessary steps to unlock the Victory Sword in Vampire Survivors.

How to Get the Victory Sword in Vampire Survivors Patch 0.11

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Getting the Victory Sword is somewhat a problematic task because you need to defeat 100,000 enemies in a single run by playing Queen Sigma. If you do not have Queen Sigma unlocked, check out our How to Unlock Queen Sigma in Vampire Survivors? Patch 0.11 guide.

Once you have successfully unlocked Queen Sigma (please bookmark this article, that might take a while), we advise you to head out to Gallo Tower with all modes enabled (this is how we unlocked Victory Sword). Gallo Tower probably has the most amount of small enemies that you can easily defeat. After all, it’s only important to rack up the kill count. Cappella Magna could also be fun for this.

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Now, since Queen Sigma is very strong, you can run her with the single weapon build, or you can go all-out and have all six of them. What is important is that you grab Arcana VIII – Mad Groove early so that you can grab Metaglio Right and Gold Ring. Also, during your run, it’s highly recommended that you grab Skull O’ Maniac and Torrona’s Box. We are advising this because increasing Curse as much as possible grants you more enemies to kill. In our run, we have forced the Curse stat all the way to +240% and have managed to kill over 150,000 enemies just by standing still in the middle and allowing the Victory Sword and its Evolution, Sole Solution, to do the work. As soon as you kill 100,000 Enemies, you can leave the run.

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The Sword has 12 Levels and we’ll show you what they do:

  1. Grants you the weapon
  2. Amount +1
  3. Base Damage +5, Area +20%
  4. Amount +1
  5. Base Damage +5, Area +20%
  6. Amount +1
  7. Base Damage +5, Area +20%
  8. Enables critical hits on the weapon and adds a cool combo finisher.
  9. Base Damage +10
  10. Cooldown -0.25 seconds
  11. Cooldown -0.25 seconds
  12. Cooldown -0.25 seconds

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