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How to Win in Pac-Man Mega Tunnel Battle

Pac-Man Mega Tunnel Battle

Oct. 23, 2020, 4:14 p.m.

It's hard out here for a Pac-Man


Prima | End of the Week Recap #4

Oct. 23, 2020, 3:38 p.m.

Everything you might’ve missed this week in the world of gaming, along with our thoughts on some of this week’s biggest news.


Third-Party Sellers Are Selling Custom PS5 Faceplates Ahead of Launch

PlayStation 5

Oct. 23, 2020, 3:19 p.m.


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Apex Legends Gets a November Steam Release Date

Apex Legends

Oct. 23, 2020, 2:18 p.m.

You’ll be able to easily switch back and forth between Origin and Steam.


Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War To Receive PlayStation Timed Exclusive Special Zombies Mode

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Oct. 23, 2020, 1:58 p.m.

Damn, we're still doing this?


Pumpkin Jack Review | The Best PS2 Platformer You Never Played

Pumpkin Jack

Oct. 23, 2020, 1:35 p.m.

A Halloween treat


NHL 21 Review

NHL 21

Oct. 23, 2020, 12:47 p.m.

If you’re a die-hard hockey fan, this will likely be your only taste of the NHL until January.


Little Nightmares 2 Gets Release Date & Free PS5 Upgrade

Little Nightmares

Oct. 23, 2020, 11:22 a.m.

Big nightmare energy.


Scorn Gets an Extended Gameplay Trailer for Xbox Series X

Oct. 22, 2020, 3:35 p.m.

The trailer is not suitable for people with trypophobia.


How Amnesia: Rebirth Turns Frustration Into Fear

Amnesia: Rebirth

Oct. 22, 2020, 3:35 p.m.

You'll never look at matches the same way again.


Fortnitemares 2020 Gives Players a Chance to Earn a Nitemare Royale


Oct. 22, 2020, 2:25 p.m.

Complete new challenges and earn special rewards during this year’s Fortnitemares event.


Mortal Shell’s First Content Update is Available for Free Right Now

Mortal Shell

Oct. 22, 2020, 1:45 p.m.

No tricks, only treats.


Update for Smash Bros. Ultimate Removes Steve’s Meat

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Oct. 22, 2020, 12:26 p.m.

How could they do this to Steve’s meat?


The Top 5 Videogame Jack-O-Lanterns

Shin Megami Tensei V

Oct. 22, 2020, 11:58 a.m.

Only two of them are named Jack!


Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon & the Blade of Light Receives Localization & Release Date in US

Fire Emblem (Switch)

Oct. 22, 2020, 9:50 a.m.

You can teach and old dog new tricks.


GTFO Receives Matchmaking & Much More in New Update


Oct. 22, 2020, 9:32 a.m.

Things just got a whole lot darker.


Rambo Gameplay in Mortal Kombat 11 Is Just as Violent as You'd Expect

Mortal Kombat 11

Oct. 22, 2020, 9:05 a.m.

Sylvester Stallone still got it.


Xbox Series X/S Backwards Compatibility Collab: Which Games Will We Try First?

Xbox Series X

Oct. 21, 2020, 6:03 p.m.

Who needs exclusives when you can play Sneak King in 4K?


Is This A Starbucks Barista Or A Final Fantasy Character?

Oct. 21, 2020, 5:50 p.m.

When the cosplay is too convincing.


Devolver Digital Acquires Croteam

Oct. 21, 2020, 4:23 p.m.

It’s a marriage of sorts.