All Dead by Daylight Codes For (December 2023)

You'll be swimming in Bloodpoints with these codes

Updated December 6, 2023: We looked for extra codes!

The Entity (or Behavior, what’s the difference) will occasionally gift Survivors and Killers with codes that can be redeemed for Bloodpoints, which can be spent in the Bloodweb to get new items or perks, or Charms. Survivors can wear these adorable trinkets on their belts, while Killers can decorate the hooks they’ll kill survivors on, like it’s a macabre Christmas tree.

All Dead by Daylight Codes

I always find dying on a well-decorated hook makes the taste of defeat a little less bitter. And a nice charm on the belt always makes an Exit Gate Butt Dance a little more charming. Fortunately, in Dead by Daylight, there are no shortage of codes to grab those charms. Oh, and Bloodpoints too, of course!

Below is an up-to-date list on every available and active code in Dead by Daylight as of November 2023, each of them hand-tested. Enjoy your riches!

These codes are not case-sensitive!

  • GFUEL — Redeem for 50k Blood Points (New)
  • STEELSERIES — Redeem for 50k Blood Points (New)
  • ELGATO — Redeem for 50k Blood Points (New)
  • ALIENWARE — Redeem for 50k Blood Points (New)
  • THANKYOUFOR60M — Redeem for 1 million Blood Points and 6k Iridescent Shards (New)
  • HappyGW2023 — Redeem for 500,000 Bloodpoints, 5 Rift Fragments, and 500 Iridescent Shards
  • LETSROLL—Redeem for a Dwight Charm 
  • MASTERMAKER — Redeem for a Build and Protect Shirt
  • CAWCAW—Redeem for the Feathers of Pride charm
  • PRIDE2022—Redeem for two Pride Charm
  • Nice—Redeem for 69 Bloodpoints 
  • WARRIORPUPPERS—Redeem for the Puppers Charm
  • TRAPPER7—Trapper Charm
  • DBD7—Redeem for 400,000 Blood Points
  • OCANADA Redeem for a Maple Leaf Charm
  • TIKTOK — Redeem for 125,000 Blood Points
  • TICKED — Redeem for 125,000 Blood Points
  • AFLAGG — Redeem for Agender Flag Charm
  • AFLAGS Redeem for Asexual Flag Charm
  • FLAGB Redeem for Bisexual Flag Charm
  • GFLAGF Redeem for Genderfluid Flag Charm
  • GLAGQ Redeem for Genderqueer Flag Charm
  • ISFLAG — Redeem for Intersex Flag Charm
  • FLAGL Redeem for Lesbian / WLW Flag Charm
  • MFLAG Redeem for MLM Flag Charm
  • NBFLAG Redeem for Nonbinary Flag Charm
  • FLAGP Redeem for Pansexual Flag Charm
  • FLAGT — Redeem for Trans Flag Charm
  • Bloody Brilliant Deciphering Redeem for 10,084 Blood Points
  • PARTYHATS — Redeem for or all original survivor and original killer 5th Anniversary Crowns
  • GETTHREADY Redeem for Spirit Charm
  • DBDDAY39 500 Iridescent Shards And 500,000 Bloodpoints

How do I redeem a code in Dead by Daylight?

If you’re having trouble redeeming your code, just travel to the Store in Dead by Daylight. On the featured page, you should see ‘REDEEM CODE’ on the upper right, just above the cosmetic sets currently being featured in the store.

Click it, and you’ll be prompted to fill in your code. Happy redeeming!

Expired Dead by Daylight Codes

Survivors might be caught in an eternal cycle of escaping and dying but these codes sure aren’t! When a code dies for good, it’s added here. Check out what you’ve missed:

  • GAMSAHABNIDA Redeem for 200,000 Blood Points (expired on October 2, 2023)
  • DANKE — Redeem for 200,000 Blood Points (expired on October 2, 2023)
  • DbDDay2022 Silk Omamori Charm (expired on October 27)

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