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About Prima Games 

Prima Games is the world’s most well-known brand in strategy content for PC, mobile, and console video games. Our strategy guides have been helping gamers to go from completing games to conquering games since 1990. We deliver a full gamut of video game guidance and information, from in-depth to quick tips, from news about upcoming games to professional strategy guides. We believe that all gamers, from casual to hardcore, benefit from high-quality guides to enhance their gaming experience. 

Meet the Prima Games Team

Meg Bethany Koepp
Managing Editor

Jesse Vitelli
Associate Editor

Matt Vatankhah
Associate Editor

Priscilla Wells
Weekend Editor

Jason Roberts
Updates Editor

Ryan Mackrell
SEO Manager

Madison Benson
Staff Writer

Daphne Fama
Staff Writer

Nikola Loncar
Staff Writer

Dan Wenerowicz
Staff Writer

Shaun Cichacki
Staff Writer

Patrick Souza
Staff Writer

Seth Lowe
Evergreen Updates Writer

Michael Dawson
Evergreen Updates Writer

Shawn Robinson
Contributing Writer

Ashley Anthony
Contributing Writer

Jordan Lemons
Contributing Writer

Grant Testa
Contributing Writer

David Morgan
Contributing Writer / Mad Scientist

Umair Niazi
Contributing Writer

Brandon Morgan
Contributing Writer

Niki Fakhoori
Contributing Writer

Luis Gutierrez
Contributing Writer

Bryson Maddock
Contributing Writer

Laura Malva
Contributing Writer

Kirstin Yadao
Contributing Writer

Anthony Jones
Contributing Writer

Tom Meyer
Contributing Writer

Corey Hoffmeyer
Contributing Writer

Our History

Since 1990, we’ve been helping gamers not just complete games, but completely conquer them. From our humble beginnings printing the first NES game guides to joining forces with Brady Games in 2013 and Asteri Networks in 2019, to finally being acquired by GAMURS Group in 2022.

Prima Games Today

Prima guides are known all over the world for comprehensive walkthroughs, detailed maps, helpful screenshots, and more details than anyone else. 

At Prima Games, we honor the multi-faceted interests of a diverse world of gamers. We know that game enthusiasts, from casual to hardcore, often want guidance. We deliver a broad offering of new game strategy and news and an unrivaled library of original strategy guides. Our core mission has not changed—we will always strive to provide the highest-quality content for our strategy guides. 

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