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Dead by Daylight Mobile Codes, Listed (June 2023)

10,000 Bloodpoints might make all the difference

by Daphne Fama

Dead by Daylight has a cult following, and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a devoted acolyte. But if you’re thinking about getting into its mobile version (or maybe you’ve already succumbed to the Entity’s influence), here are of Dead by Daylight’s Mobile Codes, Listed.

Dead by Daylight Mobile Codes Listed

Periodically, Behavior will release a new code that can be cashed in for Bloodpoints or Charms. Most of these codes are only useable for a short period, so it’s a good idea to check often.

Many of the mobile codes were associated with Dead by Daylight Mobile’s official tournament. But with that well on its way, it’s likely we won’t see another mobile code until the tournament completes. Here are the meager offerings we have so far in the month of June.

Dead by Daylight Active Codes (June 2023)

  • QMFX4313828528 — Two Sinister Stones
  • QMBM8733283903 – 10,000 Bloodpoints (This code should have expired in April but people are reporting that it still works. Your mileage may vary.)


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How to Redeem Codes in Dead by Daylight Mobile

It can be a little difficult to find where to even use the codes once you have them. Here’s the step-by-step process.

  • From the main menu of the game, select the cart in the bottom left corner that says “Store”
  • Select Bundle Code in the bottom right of the next screen (NOT Special Bundle)
  • Input the code of the item or Bloodpoint offer you want

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