How to Get Auric Cells Free in Dead by Daylight Mobile

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There are few asymmetrical horror co-op games that have managed to withstand the test of time lik Dead by Daylight. Where others have attempted to take crown in the past few years, the player base remains faithful to the game. Not always willingly, as many of these contenders have, in a variety of ways, shot themselves in the proverbial foot.

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But Dead by Daylight has a few fantastic pros. The first is the consistency in which new content is pumped out. New killers, survivors, maps, and perk balancing happens throughout the year. Among these killers and survivors are big names of the horror genre, ranging from the Demogorgon of Stranger Things to Michael Myers of Halloween. There are even cosmetics you can select for both licensed and unlicensed Killers and Survivors, ensuring that many lobbies look like neon puke or Christmas in summer.

But looking like a fashion disaster doesn’t come cheap. Cosmetics and unlocking new killers and survivors come at a price: auric cells.

Auric cells are Dead by Daylight’s premium currency, with 100 auric cells equating to approximately $1 USD. And while auric currency has never been available for free on console or PC, Behaviour Interactive has implemented the ability for players of Dead by Daylight mobile to gain this currency for free.

How to Get Auric Cells Free in Dead by Daylight Mobile

Dead by Daylight offers daily and weekly missions (rituals) for players in order to keep the game fresh. Beyond being one of the more efficient ways to gain blood points and iridescent shards, this is the one-way players will be able to obtain auric cells.

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From the main menu of Dead by Daylight mobile, head into Rituals, marked by a candle on top of your inbox. You’ll have the option to engage in daily or weekly rituals. But not all rituals guarantee great prizes. Usually, the prize you receive is tied to how difficult the ritual is.

Cleansing two totems, for example, will only net you 10,000 Bloodpoints and a dirt-tier medkit. But other rituals will net you the coveted auric cells. Each day you’ll have the opportunity to complete 1 daily ritual with an associated 5 auric cells. There will also be 1 weekly ritual that will net you 5 auric cells. So, in total, you can end each week with 10 new auric cells in your bank.

But even with these free auric cells, it’s likely that you’re going to have to shell out real money if you want to buy killers, survivors, or cosmetics. A survivor or killer costs 500 auric cells and a cosmetic might take you all the way up to 1,350, similar to what you’d pay if you were playing on PC or on console. But if you’ve have some auric cells in your bank and you only need to grind out 50 or so, this is a good way to close the gap.

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