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Dead by Daylight Is Slashing onto the Big Screen With Blumhouse and Atomic Monster

So excited to see Myers get looped for thirty minutes straight

by Daphne Fama

Dead by Daylight will be hitting the big screen with movie giants Atomic Monster and Blumhouse. It’s a match made in horror heaven (or should I say hell?). For fans of the game, this comes as a huge surprise. Dead by Daylight is an asymmetrical multiplayer game that’s had a chokehold on its dedicated fanbase for years, with two million players loading in to either try to survive or kill.

Dead by Daylight Is Slashing onto the Big Screen With Blumhouse and Atomic Monster

And while there’s a vague plot working in the background of the game, most players are likely unaware of it. But Blumhouse and Atomic Monster are the Hollywood team that seem most capable of bringing the ethos and spirit of Dead by Daylight to life in movie form.

Atomic Monster has worked on horror movie hits like “The Conjuring”, “Insidious”, and “Saw”. Blumhouse has produced movies like “The Purge”, “Halloween” and all its recent iterations, and “Happy Death Day”.

Several of these movies involve classic killers that are featured in Dead by Daylight or have a similar premise to the game.

But the development of this movie is still in its early stages. The companies have just begun their search for a director and screenwriter for the project. But Atomic Heart and Blumhouse seem enthusiastic about the partnership and project.

Atomic Monster Founder and CEO James Wan stated, “In ‘Dead by Daylight’ the Behavior team has created a love letter to the world of horror, building an incredible environment teeming with atmosphere and terrifying villains — perfect for a scary cinematic adaptation. We’re big fans of the game at Atomic Monster, and are thrilled to be teaming up with Blumhouse to bring this frighteningly visceral world to the big screen.”

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Jason Blum, the Blumhouse founder and CEO, echoed this sentiment. “We know there are so many fans of ‘Dead by Daylight’ out there and think it’s imperative we find someone who appreciates and loves the world as much as we do to help us bring the game to the big screen. We know our partners at Behavior and Atomic Monster will help us bring the best version of this game to life.”

Atomic Monster and Blumhouse have also announced that they intend to merge, which will probably help unify visions for this project. Additionally, Blumhouse seems to be dabbling in the world of horror games, as it’s recently established a subsidiary company to produce and publish “indie-budget” video games.

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