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How to get Metaglio Right in Vampire Survivors

by Nikola L

Metaglio Right is a new secret item in Vampire Survivors that can be picked up in every stage. It’s really easy to get but may take a while so in most cases, it will just come up naturally as you play. However, we’ve got you covered with this guide if you want to rush this item. Here’s how to get Metaglio Right in Vampire Survivors.

Metaglio Right in Vampire Survivors Explained

Metaglio Right is another Curse item (like Gold Ring or Skull O’Maniac) and initially, it doesn’t do anything, but with the remaining eight levels, it raises your Curse level by 5% for each level (up to a total of 40%). However, the upside of this item is that it can be combined with Metaglio Left and Laurel to obtain the Crimson Shroud upgrade which is essential if you wish to kill the Red Death.

Where to Find Metaglio Right in Vampire Survivors

Before you can see and pick up the Metaglio Right, you must unlock the Yellow Sign. After getting it, all secret items should be visible on your minimap in the pause menu. If you don’t have the map, head out to the Milky Way map and unlock it – check out how to do so here. Metaglio Right is always on the right side of the map so just run right when you start your run. There is one exception, however. Gallo Tower is a vertical map, so it is spawned south at the bottom.

Metaglio Right is always right, like any customer!

The pickup has a weird-looking enemy guarding it. It looks like a mask that is wearing a cape. Could be an invisible character that wants to make its presence known, for all we know. You will most probably just steal the Metaglio Right and try to run, but rest assured, the guardian of the item won’t like it and will do everything to stop you. It hits hard, is fast, and has an absurd amount of health. Keep up the fight and you’ll get a Golden Egg once you emerge victorious from the encounter.

Metaglio Right and its guardian.

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