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How to Unlock the Yellow Sign in The Holy Forbidden in Vampire Survivors

by Nikola L

Patch 0.6.1 is finally here and it brings a great deal of fresh content to the game. Our team has worked hard to unlock all the new stuff and we will be providing you all the necessary guidance so that you can unlock them with ease.

Yellow Sign is a secret item that is located in the secret stage The Holy Forbidden. It can be accessed only through the new stage called Moongolow. In case you haven’t unlocked it yet, please check out our guide for it by clicking here.

Once Moongolow is unlocked, we recommend that you dive in with the fastest character that you have when you play it for the first time. Krochi is one of the best choices, if Red Death or glitched out MissingNo is not available to you.

How to Unlock and Beat The Holy Forbidden in Vampire Survivors

We made a dire mistake due to a lack of knowledge of the level and chose Pasqualina (since another new achievement requires Pasqualina to be leveled to 99) and while it’s doable to pass this trial with a slower character, you cannot change your selection later.

Vampire Survivors Moongolow
The Eyes have turned against us!

The first time you run Moongolow, near the 15th-minute mark, the screen will become more and more distorted until you get dragged inside the secret level after an interesting animation.

When you enter The Holy Forbidden, you will quickly realize that you have lost ALL of the powerups except your starting weapon (this is one of the reasons why we would recommend Krochi because he just might keep his revival ability). However, while making a screenshot of the level, we perished to the vicious pack of bats, since pause doesn’t work in this level. Do not let this trouble you because if you start a game with the same character, you will be able to select the stage again from the menu.

The goal of this secret stage is to juke your way through the narrow corridors (we hope that you have a secret runningback/quarterback talent within you). This might end up frustrating and is dependent on RNG a lot since your hopes and bets are on the powerups that you pick up as you run through the corridors. Sometimes you’ll need to strategize by moving close to the powerups in good hopes that you’ll get a heal or a flamethrower which is how we won.

The Green Arrow points towards the item located within these windows.

And that’s it! You now have the Yellow Sign and the secret stage has been beaten, never to be seen again (unless you reset your achievements).

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