How to Unlock Arcana XII Out of Bounds and XIV Jail of Crystal Achievements in Vampire Survivors

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In this guide, we’ll go through the freshly added XII Out of Bounds and XIV Jail of Crystal Arcana Achievements. These particular achievements require you to survive until 31:00 in the Gallo Tower and to level up Pasqualina to level 50. Below, we explain how this is most easily done. It’s feasible to do both of these achievements in a single run if played correctly.

How to Get Arcana XIV Jail of Crystal and XII Out of Bounds in Vampire Survivors

We’ll first go through both of these Arcanas and briefly show you what they are doing:

Arcana XII Out of Bounds Explained

While this Arcana is active, you cause explosions when you freeze your enemies, and the Orologion pickup is much easier to find. Also, Area, Armor and Might improve the effect of this Arcana. And it works well with the next Arcana, too!

Arcana XIV Jail of Crystal Explained

When this Arcana is active, Magic Wand, Holy Wand, Runetracer, No Future, and Eight The Sparrow gain a chance to freeze enemies that they hit. This is around 25%, depending on your Luck powerup.

Unlocking the XII Out of Bounds Arcana in Vampire Survivors

You must be wondering “how do I survive against a Red Death (Reaper) for an entire minute when he kills me in one shot?” Our answer is that it’s not that problematic if you have a proper strategy. First, turn on Hurry mode which essentially lowers the survival time to 30 seconds. If you want to do these two achievements in separate runs, pick Krochi since he has two additional revivals built-in. Also, have Revival purchased in the Power Up section before the game.

You’ll need to save every Revival that we can for the Reaper phase and buy yourself some time. In addition to that, you’ll be choosing abilities that will further increase your chances of making it to 31:00.

Clock Lancet is great for this as it can freeze the Red Death temporarily. This grants us invaluable seconds. Of course, due to how it works, you can run around Red Death and keep him frozen for much, much longer. And if you get some Cooldown bonuses as well, it’s a dream come true.

You should also pick Laurel, as being invulnerable for a few seconds is also crucial for this task. Make sure to catch Tiramisu as well as additional revivals never hurt anybody. Finally, if you are that lucky, get Garlic as well because it lowers the freeze resistance.

If you are into adventures, you can try upgrading both Laurel and Clock Lancet and attempt to kill the Red Death.

The strategy is pretty much straightforward: Get the listed weapons and powerups (to encourage you, beating the RNG is the hardest part here), do not waste revivals early, and keep the Red Death frozen as much as you can.

Unlocking the XIV Jail of Crystal Arcana in Vampire Survivors

Getting Pasqualina to level 50 is not that big of an endeavor with the right powerups. You should go for Growth as soon as possible (and to max it before the game) because every XP gain increase is beneficial to your cause. It’s also great if you find a Vacuum lying around and save it until the last minute so that it can gather up all leftover experience from the field and you can click through all level up options before 30:00. In case you encounter issues in catching up to level 50 before 30:00, turn off Hurry mode as it will give you significantly more time to fulfill this goal.

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