Where to Find Scrolls of Morbane and How to Defeat Sketamari in Vampire Survivors

All secrets shall be revealed!

Scrolls of Morbane is a very useful item in Vampire Survivors that allows you to type in secrets (cheats), and the item itself is a bit secretive when it comes to finding it, and we at Prima Games are here to help you find Scrolls of Morbane as soon as possible. A big boss called Sketamari is guarding the Scrolls of Morbane and we will tell you exactly where to find it and how to defeat it below.

How to Find Scrolls of Morbane in Vampire Survivors

First, you need to have the Bone Zone stage unlocked. This is done by having three stages unlocked in Hyper Mode. Second, you need to have the minimap unlocked, or this will be an impossible task to finish. For this, refer to our Where to find the Milky Way map in Vampire Survivors guide.

Once you’ve got all of that sorted out, please make sure to take your fastest and most powerful character. Preferably, the one with many Golden Eggs.

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When you open your minimap, you will see a question mark. That is Sketamari. The important thing to mention is that the question mark will patrol from left to right, and then left again. It starts on the left side of the map, so the position will be changing during the run, so check from time to time to see where it is.

You will notice a fairly big ball made of skulls and bones., which is completely metal! And you get to fight it! The best strategy is to be in front of it, or behind it (depending on your weapons’ firing directions), but be aware that at some point, it will start rolling back to the left side.

Where to Find and How to Defeat Sketamari in Vampire Survivors

This ball of bones is fast and strong. You need to enlist your fastest character for this task because you need to keep outrunning the ball. Damage is the second priority because this fight will certainly last for a long time.

Be mindful that this ball will continuously grow and that will put up quite a fight. Once you defeat it, Green Arrow will point to the scroll. Try to spot it in the next screenshot.

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Once you get the Scroll, you can go to the Secrets menu in the Main Menu screen. There, you will (cryptically) be informed about all secrets in the game that you can unlock (or have unlocked already).

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It is important to mention that using secrets (spells, cheats) on your first Vampire Survivors run may ruin the immersion of the game and that we recommend it only if you lost your save and do not want to grind for hours upon hours again.

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