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Best Way to Farm Golden Eggs in Vampire Survivors

Where's the golden goose?

by Nikola L

With the addition of Golden Eggs in Vampire Survivors, a great gold sink, players all over the world are racing to find the best possible way to farm them in order to extend the power of their beloved characters with boosts that each Golden Egg provides. There are of course many ways to farm them, including killing the Red Death and the floating cape-wearing masks that guard the secret items, but in this guide, we’ll cover the grindiest, most hardcore way available that yields the best results over time.

How to Farm Golden Eggs Fast in Vampire Survivors

This is also a guide on “How to Farm Gold in Vampire Survivors” since we deducted that the most efficient way to get the Golden Eggs is to straight-up buy them from the Merchant at the start of the game and that you can technically get most Golden Eggs per run by this method. We will use the Bone Zone stage for this purpose as the light sources only provide gold-related items, which is beneficial to our cause, and we’ll pick Pugnala for this run, as Pugnala’s starter weapons are one of the strongest when upgraded. Also, make sure that you have Glass Vizard purchased since we’ll need the Merchant at the start.

The first Arcana that you will pick is the Arcana XV – Disco of Gold which grants you the ability to go into Gold Fever and to keep yourself healed as you continue to pick up gold and extend the Gold Fever as long as you possibly can. Keep in mind that your first runs will yield less gold and that you will grow exponentially more powerful the more Golden Eggs you buy on Pugnala (or the character of your choice) and that eventually, you will be in the position to grab over 250,000 Gold per run.

One piece of advice as you level up which we wholeheartedly recommend to you is to try to conserve the rerolls for the second and third Arcana roll as much as possible (you’ll need that revive package from Arcana IV, and Arcana XIX is insanely powerful here too).

At the start of the run, it’s advised to purchase the Cherry Bomb. It provides a great deal of damage. During the run as you level up, pick the other weapons and passives as they come up. If you notice that a “New!” choice is available, make sure to choose that over a level up of an already obtained weapon/passive because you want to decrease the odds of being forced to waste a banish, skip, or reroll if all you have been offered are the weapons and passives that you do not want in the run next time you level up. When leveling stuff in your inventory, focus more on weapons as you only need one level of the passive to upgrade the weapon and you will have fewer issues when dealing with enemies.

Most of these weapon and passive ability choices increase your power, gold gain, and/or synergize with each other for upgrade purposes. Gatti Amari (and the upgrade Vicious Hunger) aid by providing more gold for you to pick up, Lightning Ring (and the upgrade Thunder Loop) provide enormous damage, Stone Mask increases your gold gain, etc.

Regarding the movement of your character, try not to wander far away from the spawn, make some semi-wide circles around it in order to keep the light sources spawning on your path consistently. You might want to grab the Gold Ring, Silver Ring, Metaglio Left, and Metaglio Right as you get more experienced with the farming routine, as the items provide great powerups, or great Curse upgrades (more enemies killed = more rewards!).

We hope this guide has helped you build your own successful private Golden Egg farm. Since patch 0.7.0, it is possible to turn off the Golden Egg bonuses for your characters selectively if you wish to play them in their original stats. Make sure to visit our other Vampire Survivors articles on the game tag located under this article.

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