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Vampire Survivors Merchant Guide: Location, Items and More

Wanna trade?

by Nikola L

The Merchant is a cool new NPC that sells interesting items at a fair price. In this article, we’ll cover in detail how to unlock the Merchant in Vampire Survivors and what he offers.

Where to Find the Merchant in Vampire Survivors

The Merchant can initially be found only on the Moongolow Stage, added with the 0.6.1 patch. If you have not unlocked the location, we have prepared a guide on how to do so here.

After visiting the Merchant for the first time, we advise you to buy the Glass Vizard from him. It’s an item that you can purchase once, and it unlocks the Merchant on ALL maps in Vampire Survivors.

Golden Egg is the first item that you can see when you visit the Merchant. In short, it’s a way to dump the excessive Gold you have gathered in order to improve some stats of your current character. Of course, we explained everything in detail related to Golden Egg in a separate article which you can find here.

The four other items are weapons that you can buy to kickstart your early levels. Available weapons at the moment are:

  • Bone (starter weapon of Mortaccio. Mortaccio can be unlocked by beating 3000 Skeletons)
  • Cherry Bomb (starter weapon of Yatta Cavallo. Cavallo can be unlocked by beating 3000 Lion Heads in Inlaid Library)
  • Carrello (starter weapon of Bianca Ramba. Ramba can be unlocked by beating 3000 Milk Elementals)
  • Celestial Dusting (starter weapon of O’Sole Meeo. O’Sole can be unlocked by beating 3000 Dragon Shrimps in Gallo Tower)

All Merchant Locations in Vampire Survivors

Below you will see all of the locations of the Merchant in the currently available stages. Mostly, he’s found close to your spawning point. If not visible immediately, he should be reachable within a few seconds.

Update for Patch 0.7.3: After unlocking Sir Ambrojoe, Merchant sells his weapon, too!

That’s it for this merchant guide. We’ll keep a close eye on any updates on the Merchant in the future. In the meantime, feel free to explore our other Vampire Survivors guides and news under this link or under the game tag below.

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