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How to Get Golden Egg in Vampire Survivors

With the new patch 0.6.1, Vampire Survivors has received quite a few content updates, and one of the most mysterious items in question is the Golden Egg. Here’s how to get the Golden Egg in Vampire Survivors and everything else you need to know about it.

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Where to find the Golden Egg in Vampire Survivors? Answered

Golden Egg is first seen in the new stage Moongolow (if you have not unlocked it yet, here’s a quick tip on how to do so) at the merchant which spawns next to you at the beginning of the game. He sells it for a hefty price of 10,000 Gold. You can also pick it up from the enemies that guard the four secret passive items on each map once you defeat them, and when you kill Red Death, he drops five of them. If you’re a hardcore Vampire Survivors player, you now have a gold sink to splurge your gold into. Also, when you purchase the Glass Vizard, you will be able to buy the Golden Egg on all the maps (the guide on how to get the Glass Vizard is available here).

What does Golden Egg in Vampire Survivors Do? All Stats

Each Golden Egg provides your currently played character with a marginal increase of a random stat. We will list the exact numbers below for you:

  • +1 Max Health
  • +0.1 Recovery
  • +0.1 Armor
  • +0.1 Amount
  • +0.1 Revival
  • +0.1 Reroll
  • +1% Movement Speed
  • +1% Might
  • +1% Projectile Speed
  • +1% Duration
  • +1% Area
  • +1% Luck
  • +1% Growth
  • +1% Greed
  • +1% Curse
  • -0.5% Cooldown
  • +0.3 Magnet
  • +0.2 Skip
  • +0.2 Banish

As you can see, there are currently 19 different outcomes to a Golden Egg pickup/purchase so it will take a while until you increase a stat that you specifically want to increase. And… There’s a 5.26% chance that you’ll get +1% to your Curse stat which you might not like.

We sincerely hope that you have found this article informational and we wish you good luck in the rolls for the random stats!

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