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How to get Metaglio Left in Vampire Survivors

by Nikola L

Metaglio Left is a new secret pick-up item in Vampire Survivors and you can find it in every stage. The steps to locate it are quite simple, even though it may take a while to obtain it. Here’s how to get Metaglio Left in Vampire Survivors.

Metaglio Left in Vampire Survivors Explained

Metaglio Left is a brilliant defensive passive item and it increases your Recovery by 0.1 and also multiplies your Max Health by 1.05 per level. The first level of the item does nothing, similar to Gold Ring and Silver Ring. A little math trivia: at max level, it boosts your HP by a multiplier of 1.4774554437890625. It’s also something you can combine with Metaglio Right and Laurel to get the Crimson Shroud, which is necessary to have in order to defeat the Red Death.

Where to Find Metaglio Left in Vampire Survivors

The first pre-requisite for Metaglio Left is to unlock the Yellow Sign. If you have it already, you should be able to see both Metaglio Left and Metaglio Right at the left and right edges of the map from the perspective of your starting location. The exception to this rule is the Gallo Tower map which just doesn’t have left and right sides, so in that case, it is up north. If you do not have the Milky Way map, you can unlock it easily with this guide.

Metaglio Left should always be on the left side.

When you find the Metaglio Left, you will notice that it’s being guarded by a mysterious entity that looks like a mask with a cape hanging down from it. You can really just steal it from him and run, but this enemy will haunt you as long as it’s standing floating. It’s really fast and hits quite hard, so be cautious. When you defeat it eventually (it can take a LOT of beating), you’ll get a Golden Egg.

Metaglio Left and its guardian.

This concludes our guide on how to unlock Metaglio Left. We wish you a successful achievement hunt! Now check out our other Vampire Survivor guide by clicking on the game tag below.

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