Vampire Survivors Lightning Ring Upgrade and Evolution Guide

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Lightning Ring is quite a powerful weapon to have in your Vampire Survivor runs, and evolving it into a Thunder Loop gives it a tremendous power-up, as it effectively doubles the attack speed and leaves a lingering circle that does damage.

Thunder Loop

How to get and evolve the Lightning Ring:

Unlocking the Lightning Ring is fairly easy to do as it is necessary to defeat “just” 5,000 enemies of any kind. Five-thousand enemies may seem like a high number, but it’s definitely something that will naturally come to your achievements list over time (Oh boy, I bet you can’t wait to hear how you need 3000 Dragon Shrimps defeated specifically on the Gallo Tower stage in order to unlock O’ Sole Meeo).

Once you unlock the Lightning Ring, you can also unlock the character Porta Ladonna, by leveling it to Level 4. Porta Ladonna has the Ring as the starting weapon.

In order to upgrade the Lightning Ring into the Thunder Loop, you need to choose at least the first level of the Duplicator, and have the Lightning Ring at max level. After this is done, you are eligible to roll an Evolution from one of the chests that you pick up during the game from the defeated bosses.

If you do not have the Duplicator unlocked, you can simply do it by getting the Magic Wand to Level 7 during any game. Magic Wand is also the starting weapon of Imelda Belpaese, but is also one of the initially available ones when you first start playing Vampire Survivors, which you can freely choose as you level up any character from scratch.

That’s it! We hope that this guide was useful, and we invite you to read our other Vampire Survivors articles under the game tag, or by clicking this link. Happy achievement hunting!

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