How to Transfer a Vampire Survivors Save File from PC to Android – Answered

Guerilla Workaround Until Official Solution Comes.

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Vampire Survivors is simply one of the best Indie games of 2022 and poncle refuses to stop innovating, even after the full release of the game on PC, Xbox, Android, and iOS. Even after the release of two DLCs, poncle has announced the arrival of Vampire Survivors on Nintendo Switch plus the couch co-op mode. If you picked up Vampire Survivors later, and you want to catch up on your Android device but do not want to replay all the content you’ve already played, I am here to help you conduct this process nice and easily. Here’s how to transfer a Vampire Survivors save file from PC to Android.

How to Move the Vampire Survivors Save File from PC to Android – Explained

Moving the Vampire Survivors Save File from PC to Android is not a complicated task. I am using Total Commander on both PC and Android as my file managers, but you can try the stock file managers on both platforms. Let’s first find your Save File. There are two possibilities for this:

First possibility is that you are a recent, active player and you should check out your Steam Folder for the Save File:

Screenshot by Prima Games

Here’s the file path in text form as well:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\(You)\1794680\remote

If you found it there: Bingo. If not, you fall under the second possibility, which is a player that hasn’t played Vampire Survivors for a long time, and you need to dig out your save from another location (no Super Mario pun intended).

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Screenshot by Prima Games

Again, here’s the textual form of the file path:


Now, copy that “SaveData” file elsewhere, in a temporary folder. Change its extension so that its full name is “SaveDataUnity.sav“. We need to do this so that the file can be recognized by your Android.

Now, you need to transfer your PC file to your phone, be it via USB cable, email, notes in any messaging application that supports file transfers, or any other way you think of.

The destination folder is as follows:

Screenshot by Prima Games

In there, you should remove the two .save files that you see (I’d back them up somewhere just in case), and then you should put in the file from your PC that we’ve renamed into SaveDataUnity.sav. After doing this, you can just run Vampire Survivors on your Android. For some reason, I had a Save Conflict menu that instructs me to choose the save data I want to keep. I have not found the remedy to this issue, but I haven’t seen a lot of people have it, so you’ll hopefully have more luck than I do.

Screenshot by Prima Games

If you want to Reset your save on Android prior to doing this, here’s how you can perform this action:

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Congratulations! You can now play on your PC’s save file from your Android. Sadly, you can’t synchronize the two automatically, instead, you need to juggle files around. If you still haven’t 100%’d the game, check out All Achievements in Vampire Survivors Listed and Vampire Survivors Collection Guide, as well as our Vampire Survivors tag where Prima has everything covered about the game.

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