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List of All Spells (Cheats) in Vampire Survivors (February 2023) With Legacy of the Moonspell DLC (Patch 1.3)

Complete cheat code list is here!

by Nikola L

Hello everyone! We have, in our infinite wisdom, just devised our own demise and found a way for you to ignore about half of our Vampire Survivors guide articles and just type a few cheat codes to unlock almost everything in the game within minutes, because who’s gonna grind for all those unlocks manually when you have all those real-life obligations to fulfill on a daily basis? Anyway, we’ll keep this between us, we will assume that you just lost your save file and that you are trying to recuperate for lost data and that’s exactly what we are going to tell to anyone who asks us why you needed these cheats, we will not snitch on you and you have our full support to enjoy the game on your own terms. Disregard our intro banter.

Spell List (Cheat Code List) for Vampire Survivors

Make sure to get the Scrolls of Morbane first, because it’s necessary for the Spell menu to be opened in the first place.
Also, set your keyboard to QWERTY (English US preferably), since these codes will simply not work under any other setups such as AZERTY, QWERTZ, etc.

In January 2023, there is no new content yet, so no new cheats are available. Stay tuned for when poncle updates the game with new content!

  • spinnn = Spins the screen for 720 degrees clockwise
  • relaxenjoylife = Unlocks Il Molise Stage + Hyper Mode
  • honesty = Unlock Moongolow Stage + Hyper Mode
  • dotgogreenacres = Unlock Green Acres Stage + Hyper Mode
  • rottingpizza = Unlock Bone Zone Stage + Hyper Mode
  • peakgamedesign = Unlock Boss Rash Stage
  • exdashexoneviiq = Unlock Exdash Secret Character
  • tramezzini = Unlock Toastie Secret Character
  • noneladonna = Unlock Arca Ladonna
  • vivaladonna = Unlock Porta Ladonna
  • superladonna = Unlock Lama Ladonna
  • strongestcharacter = Unlock Poe Ratcho
  • bioparco = Unlock Dommario
  • faschiuma = Unlock Clerici
  • accidenti = Unlock Krochi Freetto
  • crystalmakeup = Unlock Christine Davain
  • carramba = Unlock Bianca Ramba + Carréllo
  • reset = Unlock O’Sole Meeo + Celestial Dusting
  • languorino = Unlock Sir Ambrojoe + La Robba
  • secondevolution = Unlock Gyorunton + Bracelet
  • earrivatolarrotino = Unlock Big Trouser + Candybox
  • lhovistoio = Unlock Cosmo Pavone
  • fettinepanate = Unlock Boon Marrabbio
  • foldinthecheese = Unlock Minnah
  • yattapanda = Unlock Yatta Cavalio + Cherry bomb
  • iwillneverletyouforgetaboutme = Unlock Leda
  • pinociampino = Unlock Peppino
  • highfive = Unlock Gains Boros
  • ablasphemousmockery = Unlock Red Death
  • thisshouldhavebeenunlockedbydefault = Unlock Grim Grimoire
  • thistooshouldhavebeenunlockedbydefault = Unlock Ars Gouda
  • thankelrond = Unlock Magic Banger
  • leadmetothecheese = Unlock Milky Way Map
  • timecompression = Unlock Sorceress’ Tears
  • eggseggseggs = Unlock Glass Vizard
  • teleportustomars = Unlock Mindbender
  • randomazzami = Unlock Randomazzo + Arcana VI – Sarabande of Healing
  • ihaveseenitihaveseenitihaveseenitihaveseenitihaveseenitihaveseenitihaveseenit = Unlock Yellow Sign
  • icanhearthecriesofcaptainplanet = Unlock Great Gospel

You might be able to unlock the Randomazzo with the cheats, but you cannot unlock all Arcanas! For this, we have a different guide.

Patch v0.10 has brought us more cheats!

Update: It seems that the developers have decided to actually allow you to unlock Arcanas with cheat codes in the very next patch v 0.10! Here are the additions:

  • everything – Unlocks all weapons
  • everywhere – Unlocks all stages (and their Hyper modes)
  • ilmatto – Arcana 0 – Game Killer
  • ilbagatto – Arcana I – Gemini
  • lapapessa – Arcana II – Twilight Requiem
  • limperatrice – Arcana III – Tragic Princess
  • limperatore – Arcana IV – Awake
  • ilpapa – Arcana V – Chaos in the Dark Night
  • randomazzami – Arcana VI – Sarabande of Healing (this spell exists for months, and it worked by being typed in the main menu)
  • ilcarro – Arcana VII – Iron Blue Will
  • laforza – Arcana VIII – Mad Groove
  • laruota – Arcana X – Beginning
  • lagiustizia – Arcana XI – Waltz of Pearls
  • lappeso – Arcana XII – Out of Bounds
  • lamorte – Arcana XIII – Wicked Season
  • latemperanza – Arcana XIV – Jail of Crystal
  • ildiavolo – Arcana XV – Disco of Gold
  • latorre – Arcana XVI – Slash
  • lastella – Arcana XVII – Lost & Found Painting
  • laluna – Arcana XVIII – Boogaloo of Illusions
  • ilsole – Arcana XIX – Heart of Fire
  • ilgiudizio – Arcana XX – Silent Old Sanctuary

Patch v0.11 has brought us new cheats (secrets)!

  • Arcana IX – Divine Bloodline – leremita
  • Concetta Caciotta – ifeellovevenus
  • Divano Thelma – quandolodicelui
  • Gallo – waitreaction
  • Giovanna Grana – thetwoassassins
  • Poppea Pecorina – feldschlacht
  • Pugnala Provola – flymetothemoon
  • Queen Sigma – allatonce
  • Zi’Azzunta Belpaese – paradigmshift

Patch v0.11.304 has brought us a cheat to enter the Holy Forbidden once again!

  • iwanttoseeitagain

Cheats Introduced from Vampire Survivors v1.0

  • allatonce – Unlock Queen Sigma
  • popthecorn – Spawns you with corn in Green Acres
  • kalvasflam – Unlock Avatar Infernas and Flames of Misspell
  • freezearrow – Unlocks Gracia’a Mirror
  • dootdoot – Unlock Seventh Trumpet
  • kamiki – Play as O’Sole in Moongolow with dusting, jubilee and cherry bomb
  • spoopyseason – Spawns you with Ramba/Mortaccio/O’Sole/Yatta in Bonezone
  • onjupiter – Spawns you in your last map and every pickup and lightsource slides down
  • andmars – Same as onjupiter but everything goes up
  • recyclethetower – unlocks Tiny Bridge + Hyper
  • notsureitsthunder – unlocks Scorej-Oni

Vampire Survivors Legacy of the Moonlight DLC Cheats and Secret Codes

You’ve all been waiting for these codes. Enjoy

  • shounenheroine – Miang and Silver Wind
  • youngatheart – Menya and Four Seasons
  • itsnotaneclipse – Syuuto and Summon Night vogue – Onna and Mirage Robe
  • ionicoionico – Mccoy-Oni and 108 Bocce
  • elamadonna – Megalo Menya
  • takeashower – Megalo Syuuto and Night Sword
  • chevolano – Gab’Et-Oni and Mille Bolle Blu

Patch v1.3 Secret Cheat Codes for Vampire Survivors

Poncle has delivered new content to us, and with it, there are cheat codes to skip ahead:

  • recycletheforest – Unlocks Bat Country + its Hyper mode
  • tengillesbalm – Unlocks Apoplexy relic
  • gottagofast – Unlocks Chaos Malachite relic

There are some other cool stuff (secret-related) that you can check out here: Vampire Survivors 0.10.109 Update Patch Notes: New Secrets (Cheats) listed.

If you want to unlock Arcanas the old-fashioned way: All Arcana Powerups in Vampire Survivors Explained

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