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All Spells and Cheat Codes in Vampire Survivors & DLC (March 2024)

Complete cheat code list is here!

Vampire Survivors has many unlockable things, and we can’t blame you for wanting to use a few cheats here and there. Here’s a list of all Spells you can cast in Vampire Survivors.

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How to Cast Spells (Cheats) in Vampire Survivors

To cast spell cheats in Vampire Survivors, you’ll first need to secure the Scrolls of Morbane. This item will unlock the Secrets menu, which will allow you to enter cheats (called “spells” in Vampire Survivors) to unlock new characters, stages, and relics. It will also give you hints as to what each spell unlocks.


Alternatively, you can temporarily unlock the Secrets menu by clicking on the Yellow Sign’s (the sixth relic with the pink background) icon seven times in the Collection. This will allow you to cast spells without needing the Scrolls of Morbane, but you’ll need to trigger it each time you open the game until you do find the Scrolls.

The Scrolls of Morbane is held by an enemy called Sketamari, who’s a big bone circle. You’ll need to enter The Bone Zone (don’t laugh) to fight him. Unlike most other enemies, Sketamari doesn’t spawn during a specific wave but rather can be found rolling around directly south on the Bone Zone map.

Strategies for Defeating Sketamari

To defeat Sketamari, you’ll need high damage output going in. We highly recommend using Red Death, along with the items Spinach and Empty Tome. High range and high damage is the way to go to burst the boss down quickly. For Red Death, the Whip also comes in handy, as it has a lot of knockback to keep Sketamari back consistently.

Sketamari will grow larger as time passes and it absorbs any enemy that touches it. With each enemy it absorbs, it will gain health. To make things easier, you’ll want to head down to Sketamari as soon as you can and defeat it as quickly as possible. Dilly Dallying may result in an unmanageable boss fight with this ever-growing bone ball.

Casting Spells Through the Secrets Menu in Vampire Survivors

Once you’ve obtained the Scrolls of Morbane, you will see a “Secrets” menu on the main menu screen:

Upon entering the menu, you will see a list of available secrets on the left and the place to cast the spells (type in the cheats) on the right:

Also, set your keyboard to QWERTY (English US preferably) since these codes will simply not work under any other setups such as AZERTY, QWERTZ, etc.

Alternatively, you can click on “ABC” and then click on the letters to type in the desired cheat.

Core Game Cheats (Spells) for Vampire Survivors

  • everything = Unlock all weapons for level up options
  • everywhere = Unlock all main stages and hypermode
  • spinnn = Spins the screen
  • iwanttoseeitagain = Visit Holy Forbidden
  • popthecorn = Spawns you with corn in Green Acres
  • kamiki = Play as O’Sole in Moongolow with dusting, jubilee and cherry bomb
  • spoopyseason = Spawns you with Ramba/Mortaccio/O’Sole/Yatta in Bonezone
  • onjupiter = Spawns you in your last map and every pickup and lightsource slides down
  • andmars = Same as onjupiter but everything goes up

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Character Unlock Cheats (Spells) for Vampire Survivors

  • thegoodguy = Unlock Space Dude (new in Patch 1.9)
  • bimbumbam = Unlock Bat Robbert (new in Patch 1.9)
  • exdashexoneviiq = Unlock Exdash
  • tramezzini = Unlock Toastie
  • maybeimastallion = Unlock Smith
  • rightninetyseven = Unlock MissingNo
  • igottagettotheedgeofsoul = Unlock Random
  • noneladonna = Unlock Arca
  • vivaladonna = Unlock Porta
  • superladonna = Unlock Lama
  • strongestcharacter = Unlock Poe
  • bioparco = Unlock Dommario
  • faschiuma = Unlock Clerici
  • accidenti = Unlock Krochi
  • crystalmakeup = Unlock Christine
  • carramba = Unlock Bianca + Carrelo
  • reset = Unlock O’Sole Meeo + Celestial
  • languorino = Unlock Ambrojoe + La Robba
  • secondevolution = Unlock Gyorunton
  • earrivatolarrotino = Unlock Big Trouser
  • lhovistoio = Unlock Cosmo
  • fettinepanate = Unlock Marrabbio
  • foldinthecheese = Unlock Minnah
  • yattapanda = Unlock Yatta + Cherry bomb
  • iwillneverletyouforgetaboutme = Unlock Leda
  • pinociampino = Unlock Peppino
  • highfive = Unlock Boros
  • ablasphemousmockery = Unlock Red Death
  • flymetothemoon = Unlock Pugnala
  • thetwoassassins = Unlock Giovanna
  • feldschlacht = Unlock Poppea
  • ifeellovevenus = Unlock Concetta
  • waitreaction = Unlock Gallo
  • quandolodicelui = Divano
  • paradigmshift = Zi’Azzunta
  • allatonce = Unlock Sigma
  • kalvasflam = Unlock Avatar Infernas and Flames of Misspell
  • notsureitsthunder = Unlocks Scorej-Oni
  • rescuefromtheshadows = Unlocks Rose

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Stage (Map) Unlock Cheats (Spells) for Vampire Survivors

  • jumptheshark = Unlock Space 54 (new in Patch 1.9)
  • relaxenjoylife = Unlock Il Molise + Hyper
  • honesty = Unlock Moongolow + Hyper
  • dotgogreenacres = Unlock Green Acres + Hyper
  • rottingpizza = Unlock Bone Zone + Hyper
  • peakgamedesign = Unlock Boss Rash
  • recyclethetower = Unlock Tiny Bridge
  • recycletheforest = Unlocks Bat Country

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Relic Unlock Cheats (Spells) for Vampire Survivors

  • lugrianstale = Unlock Brave Story (new in Patch 1.9)
  • thisshouldhavebeenunlockedbydefault = Unlock Grimoire
  • thistooshouldhavebeenunlockedbydefault = Unlock Gouda
  • thankelrond = Unlock Banger
  • leadmetothecheese = Unlock Map
  • timecompression = Unlock Tear
  • eggseggseggs = Unlock Vizard
  • teleportustomars = Unlock Mindbender
  • randomazzami = Unlock Randomazzo + Sarabande of Healing
  • ihaveseenitihaveseenitihaveseenitihaveseenitihaveseenitihaveseenitihaveseenit = Unlock Yellow Sign
  • icanhearthecriesofcaptainplanet = Unlock Great Gospel
  • tengillesbalm = Unlock apoplexy
  • gottagofast = Unlocks Chaos Malachite
  • freezearrow = Unlocks Gracia’a Mirror
  • dootdoot = Unlock Seventh Trumpet
  • tolovetoshine = Unlock Atlas Gate

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Arcana Unlock Cheats (Spells) for Vampire Survivors

  • ilmatto = Unlock Game Killer
  • ilbagatto = Unlock Gemini
  • lapapessa = Unlock Twilight Requiem
  • limperatrice = Unlock Tragic Princess
  • limperatore = Unlock Awake
  • ilpapa = Unlock Chaos in the Dark Night
  • ilcarro = Unlock Iron Blue Will
  • laforza = Unlock Mad Groove
  • laruota = Unlock Beginning
  • lagiustizia = Unlock Waltz of Pearl
  • lappeso = Unlock Out of Bounds
  • lamorte = Unlock Wicked Season
  • latemperanza = Unlock Jail of Crystal
  • ildiavolo = Unlock Disco of Gold
  • latorre = Unlock Slash
  • lastella = Unlock Lost & Found Painting
  • laluna = Unlock Boogaloo of Illusions
  • ilsole = Unlock Heart of Fire
  • ilgiudizio = Unlock Silent Old Sanctuary
  • leremita = Unlock Divine Bloodline
  • ilmondo = Unlock Blood Astronomia

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Moonspell DLC Cheats (Spells) for Vampire Survivors

  • ShounenHeroine = Unlocks Miang
  • YoungAtHeart = Unlocks Menya
  • ItsNotAnEclipse = Unlocks Syuuto
  • Vogue = Unlocks Babi-Onna
  • IonicoIonico = Unlocks McCoy-Oni
  • Elamadonna = Unlocks Megalo Menya
  • TakeAShower = Unlocks Megalo Syuuto
  • CheVolano = Unlocks Gav’Et-Oni

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Lake of Foscari DLC Cheats (Spells) for Vampire Survivors

  • spellsomething = Unlocks Eleanor+SpellString
  • spellwhatever = Unlocks SpellStream
  • spellwhichever = Unlocks SpellStrike
  • animeismypassion = Unlocks Maruto+Eskizzibur
  • oopsistoleoneagain = Unlocks Keitha+Flash Arrow
  • deusexmachina = Unlocks Luminaire+Prismatic Missile
  • basicwitch = Unlocks Genevieve+Shadow Servant
  • theworldeater = Unlocks Je-Ne-Viv
  • souloftheparty = Unlocks Rottin’Ghoul+Party Popper
  • happybirthday = Unlocks Sammy

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If you’re hosting a Vampire Survivors party, casting these spells will prove themselves to be useful so that you can just jump into action with your friends. For such parties, check out Vampire Survivors co-op multiplayer rules, tips and tricks, and top 5 co-op multiplayer characters in Vampire Survivors.

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