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Top 5 Co-Op Multiplayer Characters in Vampire Survivors

Vampire Survivors, assemble!

A multiplayer co-op feature has been added to Vampire Survivors and many players are wondering what the best characters are to choose for local co-op. Here is our Top 5 list of best co-op multiplayer characters in Vampire Survivors.

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Best 5 Co-Op Multiplayer Characters in Vampire Survivors

The selection was tough, and I must say that this list will be slightly different than the regular character tier list that we have on Prima Games. For this list, the viability of a character for the team needs to be taken into account. Some characters bring very useful abilities that are not to be neglected. So, let’s go through this Top 5 where you will certainly find some absolutely broken ideas for your co-op session. If you are new, check out the rules, tips, tricks and everything you need to know about co-op mode.

Honorable mentions

Before we head over to the Top 5, we have to mention a few useful characters that you might have fun playing as in Co-Op mode.

  • Guardian Pina is a character who serves as a brilliant support to the team. Gains +1 Revival when anyone else in the team revives. Increases Recovery (regeneration) and Armor (damage reduction) to all nearby allies, as well as ignoring walls!
  • Crewmate is a character that gains permanent bonuses as soon as someone’s weapon is brought to the maximum level.

5. Queen Sigma

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“She owns everything” is her flavor text. She brings quite a few cool things to the table:

  • Victory Sword, which is one of the most powerful weapons.
  • Additional Arcana choices for the team at levels 2, 3, 77, and 108.

Here’s how to unlock Queen Sigma.

4. Genevieve Gruyere

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Genevieve Gruyere triggers a Vacuum when you level up, gathering all the XP gems. In addition to that, she triggers a World Eater when she receives fatal damage and stays in the fight. World Eater eats most of the enemies on the screen. Free board clear and an instant revival when you’re in a pickle, what’s there to not like?

Here’s how to unlock Genevieve Gruyere.

3. Luminaire Foscari

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Luminaire Foscari triggers a Rosary when you level up, which clears the screen of most enemies. That’s a truly remarkable ability to have, as it keeps the pressure away from the team on a regular basis.

Here’s how to unlock Luminaire Foscari.

2. Je-Ne-Viv

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Je-Ne-Viv has a similar ability to Genevieve Gruyere, and to that, you can add significantly more damage and a passive trigger of World Eater about every six levels.

Here’s how to unlock Je-Ne-Viv.

1. Sammy

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Sammy has an interesting ability that allows him to gain XP by collecting various forms of Gold in the game. Well, the thing with Sammy is, once a Gold Fever gets triggered (make sure to choose the Disco of Gold Arcana at the start), things spiral out of control so fast that it’s not even funny, and you can gain a couple of levels per second. You’ll basically spend more time selecting weapons and abilities to level up than actually playing the game. And, at some point, you won’t be able to see anything on the screen. This may just not be fun for some players as it defeats the purpose of an interactive co-op experience. You can, however, make a gold/XP farming machine with Gains Boros and Big Trouser.

Here’s how to unlock Sammy.

If you want to have a challenging experience in Vampire Survivors co-op, choose no character from this list.

That’s all for this co-op tier list. If you want to read more about Vampire Survivors, I wholeheartedly recommend How to play Vampire Survivors co-op online via Steam Remote Play.

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