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How to Unlock Queen Sigma in Vampire Survivors – Full Collection Guide

"She owns everything."

by Nikola L

Queen Sigma is the new character in Vampire Survivors released in Patch 0.11. Unlocking her is fairly easy for people who are eagerly waiting for new content every patch, but if you are new to Vampire Survivors, this task might be tedious.
Do not worry, however – we’ve got your back. Here’s how to unlock Queen Sigma.

How to Get Queen Sigma in Vampire Survivors

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When we booted up the game, we were greeted with these three new Achievements. You will notice a character portrait under the “Complete the Collection”. That is Queen Sigma.

“Complete the Collection” essentially means that you need to get every collectible item in the game. There are 124 of them right now. Now now, don’t be scared. In time, you will get everything. All of the weapons. All evolutions. All unities. All passives. All Arcanas… We have guides for most of them, so feel free to search through our archives with the search option in the top-right corner, or by scrolling through our Vampire Survivors game tag (clickable at the end of the article).

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Now, to speak about the Queen herself a bit. Her starting weapon is the Victory Sword, with which you can go full anime and slash your enemies from a distance with lightning speed. It has 12 Levels and here’s what they do:

  1. Grants you the weapon
  2. Amount +1
  3. Base Damage +5, Area +20%
  4. Amount +1
  5. Base Damage +5, Area +20%
  6. Amount +1
  7. Base Damage +5, Area +20%
  8. Enables critical hits on the weapon and adds a cool combo finisher.
  9. Base Damage +10
  10. Cooldown -0.25 seconds
  11. Cooldown -0.25 seconds
  12. Cooldown -0.25 seconds

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Queen Sigma’s Stats and Perks in Vampire Survivors

  • Max Health: 333
  • Armor: 3
  • Recovery: 3
  • Move Speed: 150%
  • Might: 150%
  • Cooldown: 0.75
  • Area: 100%
  • Speed: 100%
  • Duration: 150
  • Amount: 1
  • Luck: 150%
  • Growth: 100%
  • Greed: 100%
  • Curse: 110%
  • Magnet: 1
  • Revival: 1
  • Reroll: 108
  • Skip: 108
  • Banish: 108

(Yes, she has all those Rerolls, Skips, and Banishes).

Every level up, she gets Might +1% and Growth +1%. At Levels 1, 2, 3, 77, and 108, she is able to choose any Arcana that you have unlocked (you can technically unlock her with a cheat code before having all Arcanas), so she can have up to five Arcanas during a match, but Arcana Chests won’t be dropping to her. Oh, and she is immune to Golden Egg pickups.

Also, what’s worth noting is that you can “cheese” two more Arcanas onto Queen Sigma, by NOT leveling up the character until both Arcana Chests are dropped and picked up. Good luck with this challenge, though.

There is an alternate way to unlock her through cheats (which we won’t judge and will totally assume that you lost your 100% save from the previous patch).

Vampire Survivors 0.11.0 Patch Notes and New Cheat Codes

Thank you for hanging out on this article and make sure to check out our Vampire Survivors game tag below for more cool stuff related to this lovely game!

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