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How to Unlock Gains Boros (Secret Dragon Shrimp Character) – Vampire Survivors

The Bone Zone giveth, The Bone Zone taketh away

by Lucas White

Welcome, Vampire Survivors, to The Bone Zone. Sounds like fun, but it’s actually probably the toughest level in the game thanks to its ban on healing items and gradual buffs to enemies. But there are rewards for toughing it out in there, such as a secret character! This one isn’t telegraphed at all, so you either have to learn where it is from a guide (yo) or stumble upon it by accident. Luckily for you, we can tell you exactly where to go to unlock Gains Boros in Vampire Survivors. We will help you find the only one place where flowers bloom in the Bone Zone.

How to find the only one place where flowers bloom in the Bone Zone in Vampire Survivors – Solution

So for starters, we’re gonna go ahead and assume you’ve unlocked The Bone Zone. If not, just keep playing the game and you’ll get there eventually. Don’t just expect to have all the answers handed to you all at once! Once you’re in The Bone Zone, you basically have two choices. You can try and build up some power before searching, or immediately book it to your goal.

Either way, you have to head towards the Silver Ring to the north of the level. It takes some time to get there and depending on how you decided to start, the journey could be precarious. But eventually, you’ll make it, and then you need to… keep going! Our destination is just a touch beyond the ring’s resting place, but (and this can’t be stressed enough) directly above it.

If you’re trying to avoid aggroing the jerks who guard the rings, you may try to approach from far enough away to make that happen. But course correct as soon as you can, because Vampire Survivors is stingy with information and you can sail right past where you need to be. If you’re lined up properly, you’ll eventually see a green circle on the ground.

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There’s a pulsating ring of flowers inside this green circle, and when you stand in it you’ll be healed over time, 8 HP a second or so. Depending on your situation this may be pretty tough, but you have to make a stand and remain within the circle for a decent amount of time. You’ll know you’re done when the whole thing disappears into thin air! Weirdly enough, although you can’t see it anymore the relative area will still heal you. You just can’t see it anymore so it’s easy to lose.

After the round ends, you’ll unlock a playable Dragon Shrimp character, Gains Boros. This character’s benefit is a +2% growth boost every level, without a cap. This is especially great once you’ve unlocked limit break, since you can just keep escalating your power level until the clock runs out.

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