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How to Limit Break in Vampire Survivors

Ge beyond your limits and well, break them!

by Jesse Vitelli

Vampire Survivors is constantly being updated with new characters, weapons, modes, and more. This keeps the game feeling fresh and gives players a ton to come back to every once and a while. Some mechanics might be all new to you if you’ve been away for a while. Here is how to Limit Break in Vampire Survivors.

How to Limit Break in Vampire Survivors

So first off, if you’re looking to Limit Break in Vampire Survivors, you will actually need to unlock a specific item first. You’ll need to get the Great Gospel, which will give you the Limit Break option after obtaining it.

After obtaining the Great Gospel in Vampire Survivors you’ll be able to Limit Break. You can do this by selecting the box on the stage select screen just like you would Hyper Mode or any other modifier.

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Once you’ve selected Limit Break, this will allow you to continue upgrading your gear once it is maxed out. For instance, after you’ve normally upgraded everything leveling up would either give you health refills or gold coins. With Limit Break you’ll begin o obtain incremental upgrades for each piece of gear to well, go beyond its limits.

  • Might +1%
  • Area +5%
  • Speed +5%
  • Duration +0.1%
  • Amount +1
  • Pierce +1
  • Crit Chance +2.5%
  • Chance +5%

Those are the upgrades you can get from using the Limit Break option in Vampire Survivors. It allows you to get even beefier with continued leveling at the expense of picking up some extra gold in your runs. If you’re trying to survive some of the harder levels in the game this is an easy way to try and help supplement your builds.

Well, that’s everything you need to know about how to use Limit Break in Vampire Survivors.

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