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Vampire Survivors: Best Builds for Each Stage

Find out how to prevail against the undead hordes.

by Nikola L

With Vampire Survivors constantly evolving throughout its Early Access phase, both old and new content is being adjusted. While there are no “perfect” builds, there are still some weapons and passives that perform better than others overall. In this guide, we’ll go through some build tips for Vampire Survivors.

Best Builds in Vampire Survivors

  • Garlic / Soul Eater (upgraded with Pummarola) (especially with Arcana VI Sarabande of Healing)
    Soul Eater is brilliant for deterrence of incoming enemies.
  • King Bible / Unholy Vespers (upgraded with Spellbinder) 
    Unholy Vespers is also brilliant for the same task and works well with Soul Eater.
  • Cross / Heaven Sword (upgraded with Clover) (Works great with Arcana XVI Slash and Arcana XI Waltz of Pearls
    Heaven Sword deals insane amounts of damage and can be bolstered with appropriate Arcanas.
  • Pentagram / Gorgeous Moon (upgraded with Crown)
    Clearing the entire screen and getting a lot of XP? Sign us up!
  • Shadow Pinion / Valkyrie Turner (upgraded with Wings) 
    This one just has too much damage, but using it requires you to move constantly.
  • Phiera Der Tuphello, Eight The Sparrow / Phieraggi (upgraded with Tiragisú) 
    One of the most powerful AoE weapons in the game no doubt.
  • Whip / Bloody Tear (with Hollow Heart) and its evolution Vento Sacro (with Bloody Tear) which gives you Fuwalafuwaloo (Arcana XVI Slash works great with it)
    A long and complicated upgrade path but it’s one of the most overpowered weapons in the game right now.
  • Laurel + Metaglio Left + Metaglio Right = Crimson Shroud (you must level up everything to the maximum levels)
    This one just straight up prevents you from dying most of the time.
  • Clock Lancet + Silver Ring + Gold Ring = Infinite Corridor (you must level up everything to the maximum levels)
    If you pick up Arcana XII Out of Bounds, this really becomes the most powerful weapon in the game!
    An additional tip for Metaglio Left, Metaglio Right, Silver Ring, and Gold Ring is that you can pick them up AFTER you pick up six different passives, and you will be able to bypass the limit with no issue.

Stage Specific Builds for Vampire Survivors

While most of the powerful weapons from the above builds can be combined into a powerful build that wins on every stage, due to the structure of the stages:

  • Gallo Tower is fun to play with Carrello because it bounces between the walls in that narrow hallway you’re in, and Song of Mana evolution Mannajja (with Skull O’Maniac) is also pretty insane here, as enemies come from both north and south, which are the only directions the weapon fires at. This is also somewhat applicable in The Dairy Plant and Cappella Magna.
  • The Bone Zone requires you to take stuff that has Lifesteal (Weapons, Passives, Arcanas) because Turkeys do not spawn there.

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