How to Unlock the Eudaimonia M Stage in Vampire Survivors

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The Eudaimonia M stage is important in Vampire Survivors because that’s where the end game happens. Now now, no worries, we won’t spoil what goes on in there specifically (there are guides available for this below) – we’ll just let you know what needs to be done in order to gain access to it. You will have a lot of fun on the Eudaimonia M stage, that’s for sure! Keep scrolling and Prima Games will let you know about all the prerequisites needed to unlock the Eudaimonia M stage.

How to Unlock Eudaimonia M Stage in Vampire Survivors v1.0

We are not going to lie, this is a tedious process if you are a new player of Vampire Survivors that has just started out. However, we got you covered. The requirement (or shall we say a key) to enter Eudaimonia M is to have all the previous relics unlocked. Luckily enough, we have almost all of the guides for these relics available already on our site, so here’s the list:

Once you obtain everything (if you are a new player, bookmark this page because this can and will take you some time) you will get the Eudaimonia M stage. As promised, for an in-depth guide about the Eudaimonia M stage, start with these two articles below and let them lead you onward:

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