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How To Unlock Character Customization in Vampire Survivors (Patch 0.7.3)

Halloween came early this year!

by Nikola L

Patch 0.7.3 will be out on June 23, 2022, and it brings a lot of awesome content – one such thing being the Character Customization option. At the moment, it provides you with small customization options (where availableā„¢) and is just the first baby step in a function that will probably be a lot bigger in just a few months’ time. Below, we will cover how to unlock this feature, and what it can currently do in Vampire Survivors.

What Character Customization Does In Vampire Survivors (Patch 0.7.3)

Character customization currently allows you to:

  • Change the maximum amount of weapons that you can have during a run (very cool for challenge runs where you want to play with just one weapon, for example)
  • Change the visual appearance of the character that you want to play in a run (not all of them have alternate looks now)

You can change the “Max Weapons” variable by clicking on the number in the box, and you can click the character that you have selected to change between the available looks (to be precise, you need to click the character in the bottom box that provides the description and that allows you to confirm your choice).

How to Enable Character Customization in Vampire Survivors (Patch 0.7.3)

If you are a seasoned Vampire Survivors veteran already that actively clears every patch content after release, this will be a piece of cake for you because all you have to do is to get 100 collectibles in your collection (105 are available in this patch!). So just work hard, unlock all weapons, all passives, all Arcanas, all pick-up items, all special and secret items (Randomazzo, Milky Way, Golden Egg, Yellow Sign, etc.) and that should cover it.

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