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All Arcana Powerups in Vampire Survivors Explained

Take a deep dive into the Arcana powerups

by Nikola L

Arcana is a mighty powerup that you can choose at the beginning and during your Vampire Survivors run to aid you in your adventure. Here are all Arcana Powerups in Vampire Survivors, explained.

How to Unlock the Arcanas in Vampire Survivors

Arcanas can only be obtained after you unlock the Randomazzo in the Gallo Tower stage. After this is done and you unlock your first Arcana VI – Sarabande of Healing, you can unlock all the other ones (mostly in any order that you like). You can only have three at one time.
We’ll look at all current Arcanas below and provide some insight into each of them.

Currently, there are 12 Arcanas, but the Arcana Menu has predicted 22 slots for them. The developer is adding new Arcanas with almost every update, so we expect this to be filled up by the end of 2022. As mentioned above, you can have up to three Arcanas during a game. You choose the first one at the start, the second from a chest after 11:00, and the third from a chest, but after 21:00. Usually, they are dropped by a glowing bat. For the second and third roll, you will have a choice between up to four Arcanas (depending on how much you have unlocked) and if you have a Reroll, you will be able to choose from different four. They are all marked with Roman Numerals.

Which Arcana is the Best in Vampire Survivors?

Let’s first have a look at them in detail. Where available, we’ll link to an unlock guide that we have on our site.

NumberNameEffectsHow to UnlockAdditional Notes
IIITragic PrincessThe cooldown of the listed weapons reduces when moving.Reach Level 99 with Porta.Applies to Garlic/Soul Eater, Santa Water/La Borra, Lightning Ring/Thunder Loop, and Carréllo.
IV AwakeGives +3 Revivals. Consuming a Revival gives +10% Max Health, +1 Armor, and +5% Might, Area, Duration, and Speed.Reach Level 99 with Krochi.Consumed Revival bonus applies even to those from PowerUps and Tiragisú. This one is way too powerful to skip in our opinion.
V Chaos in the Dark NightOverall projectile Speed continuously changes between -50% and +200% over 10 seconds.Reach Level 99 with Giovanna.Applies a multiplier on top of everything else ranging from 0.5x to 3x. On average, this will give a 1.75x multiplier to Projectile Speed. This is a very fun Arcana to play around with.
VI Sarabande of HealingHealing is doubled. Recovering HP damages nearby enemies for the same amount.Find the Randomazzo.Every source of healing is doubled and triggers an Area-of-Effect damage pulse, including Recovery, Floor Chicken, Bloody Tear, Soul Eater, Celestial Dusting, and Revival (healing to full instead of half). One of the most powerful and useful Arcanas in the game currently.
VII Iron Blue WillListed weapon projectiles gain up to 3 bounces and might pass through enemies and walls.Reach Level 99 with Gennaro.Applies to Knife/Thousand Edge, Axe/Death Spiral, Phiera Der Tuphello/Eight The Sparrow, Carréllo. Great to pick if you have at least 2 of the listed weapons, as the benefits are great. If you have XVI as well, you have a brilliant combo on your hands.
VIIIMad GrooveEvery 2 minutes attracts all standard stage items, pickups, and light sources towards the character.Reach minute 31 in the Mad Forest.Applies to all items on the map of all types.
XBeginningListed weapons get +1 Amount. The character’s main weapon and its evolution gain +3 Amount insteadReach Level 99 with Antonio.Applies to Death Spiral, Bone, Cherry Bomb, Carréllo, Celestial Dusting
XI Waltz of PearlsListed weapon projectiles gain up to 3 bounces.Reach Level 99 with Imelda.Applies to Magic Wand/Holy Wand, Fire Wand/Hellfire, Cross/Heaven Sword, Carréllo. Also very useful to have if you have at least two weapons from the list.
XII Out of BoundsFreezing Enemies generates explosions. Orologions are easier to find.Reach minute 31 in the Gallo Tower.Applies to Clock Lancet and Orologion. Works insanely well with XIV, but has a niche usage overall.
XIV Jail of CrystalListed weapons have a chance to freeze enemies.Reach Level 99 with Pasqualina.Applies to Magic Wand/Holy Wand, Runetracer/NO FUTURE, and Eight The Sparrow. Excellent on its own, absolutely insane with XII.
XV Disco of GoldPicking up coin bags from the floor triggers Gold Fever. Obtaining gold restores as many HP.Reach minute 31 in the Inlaid Library.Applies to Vicious Hunger, Gold Coins, Coin Bags, Rich Coin Bags, Treasure Chests, and Big Coin Bags from Treasure Chests and level ups when every item is maxed. Gold Fever triggers with Coin Bags and Rich Coin Bags. Pairs well with the VI, and is great if you are farming Gold.
XVI SlashEnables critical hits for listed weapons. Doubles overall critical damage.Reach Level 99 with Lama.Applies to Knife/Thousand Edge, Whip/Bloody Tear, Axe/Death Spiral, Heaven Sword. Works absolutely ridiculous with VII, but decent enough on its own if you have 2-3 of the listed weapons.
XVII Lost & Found PaintingOverall Duration continuously changes between -50% and +200% over 10 seconds.Reach Level 99 with Poppea.Applies a multiplier on top of everything else ranging from 0.5x to 3x. On average, this will give a 1.75x multiplier to Duration. Kind of an RNG/fun Arcana.
XVIII Boogaloo of IllusionsOverall Area continuously changes between -25% and +50% over 10 seconds.Reach Level 99 with Concetta.Applies a multiplier on top of everything else ranging from 0.75x to 1.5x. On average, this will give a 1.125x multiplier to Area. Yet another fun RNG Arcana.
XIX Heart of FireListed weapon projectiles explode on impact. Light sources explode. Character explodes when damaged.Reach Level 99 with Arca.Applies to Fire Wand/Hellfire, Phiera Der Tuphello, Valkyrie Turner, and Light source. Character explodes when damaged similar to NO FUTURE. Very fun AND useful at the same time
XXSilent Old SanctuaryGives +3 Reroll, Skip, and Banish. Gives +20% Might and -8% Cooldown for each active weapon slot left empty.Reach minute 31 in the Dairy Plant.Works well in a single-weapon builds that you can play when you use Character Customization to limit your weapons to 1

Data miners have discovered that there are placeholder files for more Arcanas and we’ll update this list as soon as they are released. DISCLAIMER: The developer reserves the right to change these names before the final release or to not release them at all:

  • 0 – Killer
  • I – Aquarius
  • II – Twilight
  • III – Tragic Princess
  • VIII – Mad Groove
  • IX – Divine
  • X – Beginning
  • XIII – Wicked
  • XX – Silent Old Sanctuary
  • XXI – Bloody

What Arcanas Should I Use? Is There an Arcana Tier List?

Generally speaking, there’s no right or wrong choice here. Except maybe if you pick Arcanas for weapons that you do not have at all (bless the reroll!). However, two of these currently stand out to us as generic problem-solvers for most of the runs. For the third one, you can choose the Arcana that’s the closest in compatibility to your current arsenal.

IV – Awake

Giving +3 Revivals is enough. It doesn’t need to do anything else and it would still be too good. It saves you a slot that you would need to commit to Tiragisu otherwise. But having Tiragisu on top of it, plus Revival purchased before the game, secures you a long run. We always pick it as the first Arcana.

VI – Sarabande of Healing

There’s absolutely no mistake if you choose this Arcana, ever. Picking up a random Floor Chicken to get healed while you’re being chased? Great! That heal also deals damage to the enemies that are close to you and gets them off of your tail.

Secret Way to Unlock an Arcana in Vampire Survivors

Try typing “randomazzami” on your keyboard while in the main menu. This should unlock the Randomazzo for new players.

Now that you know all about Arcana Powerups, check out our other Vampire Survivors articles by clicking on the game tag below.

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