How to Unlock Arcana IX – Divine Bloodline in Vampire Survivors and What Does It Do?

One of the last two arcanas is now unlockable!

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Arcana IX – Divine Bloodline is a very interesting Arcana that changes the game a bit and was introduced in Vampire Survivors Patch 0.11. It holds great power and many players will love what Arcana IX – Divine Bloodline does. But how do you unlock it? What does it do? Here’s what you need to know.

How to Get Arcana IX – Divine Bloodline in Vampire Survivors and What it Does

Image via Prima Games. Yes, it says 99 in the picture, but 1.0 version makes this easier!

These are the three new achievements in this patch, and this article covers the middle one. You need to reach Level 50 with Suor Clerici. For the other two achievements, visit these two articles:

Suor Clerici is a character that you can unlock by healing any characters over any runs for 1,000 HP.

It’s the same strategy with any “Reach Level 50” task. Get all the +experience bonuses by buying them before the run, picking Crown, dosing the +Curse level so that you are not overwhelmed and killed easily, and of course, getting revivals through power-up purchases before the game and by finding Tiragisu during your run. As soon as you reach Level 50, you can leave the run if you do not want to play all 30 minutes. If you are uncertain that you will pass, turn Hurry mode OFF. Good luck!

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“Armor also affects listed weapons’ damage and reflects enemy damage. Character gains bonus damage depending on missing Health. Defeating enemies with retaliatory damage gives +0.5 Max Health.”

  • Weapons with Cross, King Bible, Garlic, Santa Water, Lightning Ring, Song of Mana, Vento Sacro, and Victory Sword icons now deal bonus damage in the amount of 5x your current armor value, but no more than 250.
  • All of the weapons that you have equipped will now have +1 damage for every 10 HP that are missing from your character’s health pool.
  • All enemies who get their hands on you will take 10 retaliatory damage per each Armor point you got on your character.
  • When you manage to kill an enemy with this retaliatory damage, your character receives a permanent +0.5 Max Health bonus.
  • For clarification: Retaliatory damage is:

That’s all! We invite you to check out our other Vampire Survivors pieces at the game tag below and wish you good luck in your achievement hunting.

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