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How to Evolve Runetracer into No Future in Vampire Survivors

Bouncy weapon goes *bonk*

by Nikola L

Runetracer is one of many available weapons in Vampire Survivors, and you will encounter it very early in the game. You may have grown fond of its bouncing around, and you must be wondering how you can make it better (that’s why you came to Prima Games, of course). No worries, there’s No Future for Runetracer (see what we did there?). Here’s how to evolve Runetracer into No Future in Vampire Survivors.

How to Unlock Runetracer in Vampire Survivors

Runetracer can be unlocked by surviving for five minutes on any stage while playing Pasqualina Belpaese. You will be happy to hear that Pasqualina is unlocked automatically when you first start the game. You will just need to invest some gold and buy her.

Runetracer is a pretty fun weapon and was once used to glitch out the Red Death himself. It’s a diamond-shaped projectile that slowly bounces around and damages enemies that have the misfortune of getting in its way.

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The requirements to evolve the Runetracer are pretty much the same as with most basic weapons, it’s just that the ingredients are different for each weapon.

You must get it to the highest level. You, of course, can do that by leveling your character and always choosing the weapon you want to evolve (if it’s not offered, you can try and reroll) or by getting it from Treasure Chests.

After that is done, you must obtain at least one level of the Armor, which is a passive item that is necessary for the weapon evolution. It is unlocked immediately when you start playing Vampire Survivors and reduces your incoming damage by 1, and increases the retaliatory damage by 10%. The damage reduction is 5 at the maximum level of the item. You can also find Armor in the Moongolow and in the Dairy Plant stages.

The last piece of this recipe is to initiate the evolution by looting a Treasure Chest. In most cases, evolution will be provided to you. If not, try the next Treasure Chest from the next Boss you down. That’s it!

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