How to Evolve Santa Water into La Borra in Vampire Survivors – Evolution Explained

Holy water goes brrrrrr

Santa Water is one of the less popular weapons in Vampire Survivors, but it still packs quite a punch and if you want to collect all of the achievements and unlocks in the game, you’ll have to evolve it (Prima Games certainly has 100% in this game no matter what content is tossed our way). Here’s how the evolution of Santa Water into La Borra in Vampire Survivors works. Prima Games promises it’s a fairly easy task.

How to Get Santa Water in Vampire Survivors

No need to unlock it, it’s there from the get-go. You just need to get it when you are leveling. The way Santa Water works is that it tosses water vials around your character, leaving glowing water at the place where it was thrown. The glowing water does damage to all enemies that pass through it. Looks great on paper.

Santa Water is also the starting weapon of Suor Clerici. Suor Clerici can be unlocked by recovering a thousand HP by healing yourself with different items and abilities in the game. You don’t need to do this in a single run, though, so it’s inevitable that you’ll unlock it.

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You’ll need Attractorb to evolve it. Attractorb is a Passive item that increases your “Magnet” stat (allows you to pick up most of the stuff from a greater distance). You unlock it by finding a Vacuum.

Evolution of Santa Water in Vampire Survivors

The method of evolution is more or less the same as with most of the basic weapons. Get the Runetracer to the maximum possible level, and at least one level of the passive item Attractorb.

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Of course, when the game offers you Runetracer for the first time (if you are not playing as Suor Clerici), take it and focus on leveling it. Even Reroll offered level-ups if possible. When you get the Runetracer to the maximum level, just pick up a Treasure Chest from a boss. In most cases, you’ll get La Borra from the first attempt (unless it’s an Arcana chest).

Congratulations! You can now enjoy the power of La Borra. Make sure to check out our other Vampire Survivors guides under the game tag below. We have all the guides you will possibly need to become 100% in this game.

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