How to Evolve Pentagram into Gorgeous Moon in Vampire Survivors – Evolution Explained

Pentagram is really quite powerful.

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The Pentagram is one of the most popular weapons in Vampire Survivors because it clears most enemies off the screen. But, did you know that there’s a more powerful version of it called Gorgeous Moon which does all that and more? Here’s how to evolve Pentagram into Gorgeous Moon in Vampire Survivors. Evolution of Pentagram is crazy, and I’ll make sure to show you how to do it, so that you can enjoy it as well.

How to Unlock Pentagram in Vampire Survivors

The Pentagram can be unlocked by surviving for 20 minutes with any character on any stage. In addition to that, Christine Davain has it as a starting weapon! You can unlock Christine Davain by pushing the Pentagram to Level 7, so with this guide, you are hitting two achievements.

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If you are a seasoned Vampire Survivors player (trust me, if you are reading this, you’re not going anywhere until you become 100% in this game), you know the process of evolving the core weapons, but in case you are new, we will provide both the materials needed and the procedure for the evolution.

You must first get the weapon you want to evolve to its maximum level which you do by choosing the Pentagram when it is offered in the level-up menu whenever possible (as soon as you pick it, it activates again, so make sure to pick up everything notable or move elsewhere before leveling up), or by trying to get it by a lucky roll from a Treasure Chest – which is not that likely, and you do not want Pentagram going off randomly!

Evolution of Pentagram in Vampire Survivors

When you finish this task, you need to secure at least one level of the Passive Item that is mandatory for the evolution to happen. For Pentagram, you need to have Crown in your Passive Item inventory. The Crown can be easily unlocked by reaching Level 10 with any character on any stage. Crown grants your character +8% more experience per level (40% max). When you get the Crown you are all set to cross the finish line. You just need to pick up a Treasure Chest that will drop when you annihilate a boss during your run.

In almost all cases, Vampire Survivors will give you the evolution of the weapon that you are eligible to evolve at the current moment. However, keep in mind that two times during your run, the game will drop an Arcana chest (assuming that you have unlocked the Randomazzo) which will give you the opportunity to choose a new Arcana, so don’t be surprised when this happens – it is just set to be 100% and there is nothing you can do about it.

Gorgeous Moon is a beautiful weapon that slowly charges up (this can be visually seen), explodes to wipe almost everything off the screen with a crazy visual effect, and then vacuums all of the Experience Gems into you. Pretty neat, huh? This Evolution is one of the best in the game.

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That’s it for this guide. Feel free to snoop around Prima Games for more Vampire Survivors guides under the game tag below. See you very soon!

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