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Vampire Survivors Randomazzo Relic: Location and Effects

Randomize your experience!

by Nikola L

The Randomazzo Relic, when picked up, unlocks the Arcana mechanic and allows you to get further Arcanas in order to bolster your chances of survival in Vampire Survivors. Here’s everything you need to know about its location and effects.

Where to Find the Randomazzo in Vampire Survivors

It is located far, far north in the Gallo Tower stage. When you start playing on the map for the first time, you will see a green arrow pointing up. Simply follow it and pick up the Randomazzo after you defeat the enemies that are guarding it. Make sure to come to the fight well prepared as the foes are not to be joked with! Also, you can only pick up Randomazzo once as it stays in your inventory forever.

Picking up Randomazzo also gives you just your very first Arcana VI – Sarabande of Healing. Check out some Arcana unlocking guides below:

What is the Effect of Arcana VI – Sarabande of Healing?

Sarabande of Healing is just the first of many Arcanas in Vampire Survivors that already exist and that will be added in the future patches. The effect of Arcana VI is very simple but very powerful and can be used in many situations, with many weapons, and with many pick up items.

When you have Sarabande of Healing active, all of your healing is doubled. In addition to that, all healing that you take also deals the same amount of damage to all enemies around you. Your Area increases the area of effect of this Arcana.

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