How to Evolve Garlic into Soul Eater in Vampire Survivors

Greatest historically known Vampire repellent device!

We have an older weapon evolution guide for Vampire Survivors, but with all the extra content showing up, it makes sense to go ahead and start parting stuff out. Especially the garlic item, which gets a lot of attention, especially from newer players. As you get your bearings you’ll probably leave this item behind, but for now, here’s how to evolve garlic in Vampire Survivors.

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How to Unlock Garlic in Vampire Survivors

If you want to unlock Garlic, you will need to eat five “Floor Chicken”, which drop from Light Sources in the game. You will find them spawning randomly off-screen, just outside of your screen limits, so you’ll need to move around a bit and let them respawn. In all honesty, you just need to survive long enough, and you will get those tasty roasted chickens eventually, so no pressure is needed.

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Evolution of Garlic in Vampire Survivors

Like every other weapon in Vampire Survivors, you need to level garlic all the way up before you can evolve it. Then, you need at least one level of Pummarola. That’s the solid red heart item that gives you passive HP regen. After that you need to survive your run at least ten minutes if that hasn’t already passed, then open a treasure chest from defeating one of the larger, “midboss” style enemies.

You’ll get the Soul Eater, which changes normal garlic’s little force field into a much larger circular void. Not only does this do damage to anything in its area, it also heals you based on that damage dealt. It isn’t the most efficient tool in the world considering how much Vampire Survivors favors DPS. But if you’re still getting your wings, then it’s a great tool for tanking your way to that half-hour goal.

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