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Vampire Survivors Celestial Dusting Evolution: Can You Evolve and More

Flower Power!

by Nikola L

Celestial Dusting is quite an unusual weapon in Vampire Survivors, with a lot of specific functions that might seem difficult to grasp at first because it’s like no other weapon in the game right now. In this article, we’ll go over all aspects of Celestial Dusting, and hopefully, we’ll help you use it to the best of its capabilities.

How Celestial Dusting Works and How to Get it in Vampire Survivors

Celestial Dusting is the starting weapon of O’Sole Meeo, a dog-like character that you can unlock by defeating 6,000 Dragon Shrimps. In addition to that, you can buy it at the merchant for just 1,000 gold after O’Sole Meeo is unlocked.

Celestial Dusting fires flowers behind you when you move. These colorful flowers can pierce through enemies and bounce off of obstacles and walls around you. Depending on the Duration value of your character (impacted by default character stats, purchases in Power Up menu, and Passive items you pick up), they will slowly come to a halt and then the flower petals explode and deal enormous damage. If you are not moving, the flowers will just sit under you but will spawn less and less, since the weapon is made to be used while moving around a lot.

Movement Speed stat will then, naturally, reduce the cooldown of the weapon. The more you move, the more flowers you produce.

Celestial Dusting has a total of eight levels. Here are the official game descriptions for each level:

Level 1“Throws a bouncing projectile. Cooldown reduces when moving.”
Level 2Effect lasts 1.0 seconds longer.
Level 3Base speed up by 30%.
Level 4Base damage up by 5.
Level 5Base speed up by 30%.
Level 6Fires 1 more projectile.
Level 7Base speed up by 30%.
Level 8Defeated enemies might drop hearts.

The hearts referred to at level 8 are very small initially, but you’ll see a lot of them flocking towards you and healing you for small bits of HP. Regarding the speed stat, it’s worth mentioning that this weapon ignores your character’s Project Speed value.

Celestial Dusting in action

In the above screenshot, you can see O’Sole Meeo running freely in the garden, trying to unlock a secret character.

What Arcanas are Good with Celestial Dusting?

A couple of Arcana powerups are great to combine with Celestial Dusting, but these two stand out:

  • Arcana VI – Sarabande of Healing provides a small damage boost around you when you get healed, so it is pretty decent, but not enough to take just for Celestial Dusting. If you have Soul Eater, Fuwalafuwaloo, or Bloody Tear, then by all means, this Arcana will fit you well and keep you healed.
  • Arcana X – Beginning is great to have with O’Sole Meeo, as it will provide +3 Amount immediately to Celestial Dusting. If Celestial Dusting is not your starting weapon, it will get +1 Amount only. This Arcana is great if you decide to just outright buy all of the supported weapons at the Merchant at the start of the game.

Can You Evolve Celestial Dusting in Vampire Survivors?

Currently: no. We’ve noticed that all weapons that are purchasable at the Merchant are not evolvable. Maybe this will change in the future, maybe not. If it does, we’ll make sure to update this article with fresh information. However, we feel that all of the Merchant weapons are very strong on their own currently so it’s highly likely that they’ll stay in their base form. We are also used to surprises from the developers, so we guess we’ll never know for sure!

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