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How to Upgrade Vento Sacro & Unlock Fuwalafuwaloo in Vampire Survivors

Creatures of the night are about to get some serious whippin'!

by Nikola L

Another patch, another strong weapon to try out in Vampire Survivors. Vento Sacro is the new weapon in Patch v0.7.0, wielded by the new character Zi’Assunta. After you unlock them and make a run that is over 15 minutes long on any stage, Vento Sacro becomes available for every other character.

How to Upgrade Vento Sacro in Vampire Survivors

The evolution process for Vento Sacro is one of the most complicated so far (not as much as Infinite Corridor or Crimson Shroud), but with a bit of RNG luck, you’ll have almost no trouble. Be patient if you do not get the rolls immediately because the wait is definitely worth it.

First thing’s first, you need to get the Whip to max level, at least one level of Hollow Heart, and then upgrade it into Blood Tears with a chest roll.

After this is done, you need to obtain and level up Vento Sacro completely. After both Blood Tears and Vento Sacro (at max level) are ready, you can roll the Fuwalafuwaloo from the chest.

What’s also great with this weapon upgrade is that it frees one of your weapon slots, allowing you to further extend your build with another powerful weapon of your choice.

Fuwalafuwaloo only strikes in front of you, also in a cone form like its predecessor Vento Sacro, so you won’t have Whip / Bloody Tears to guard your back anymore from those measly monsters of the night that chase you.

However, the trade-off is very good since Fuwalafuwaloo mercilessly clears everything in front of you. Critical hits with the weapon also cause explosions (as if it wasn’t strong enough already).

We certainly hope that you’ll enjoy this new upgrade. Feel free to visit our other Vampire Survivors articles under the game tag below for more unlock guides.

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