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How to Find the Coffin on Cappella Magna & Unlock Zi’Assunta in Vampire Survivors

Get the new character in just a few minutes!

by Nikola L

Vampire Survivors patch v0.7.0 is out, with a lot of new stuff introduced, and we are here to deliver the necessary guides to obtain all the new achievements. In this guide, we’ll help you to unlock the new character, Zi’Assunta.

Zi’Assunta is the new character that you can unlock on the new stage Cappella Magna (Great Chapel) by locating the coffin in which they reside. Upon entering the Cappella Magna, open the map and you’ll see that a question mark is located on the south side. It is fairly easy to get there, and we recommend you rush down ASAP.

How to Unlock Zi’Assunta on Cappella Magna Stage in Vampire Survivors

On this map, the issue is that the Drowner is coming at 5:00 sharp, and the Coffin location will be immediately drowned, making you very vulnerable. Turn off the “Hurry?” setting before starting the game to make it a bit easier (we have done it with Hurry but wasted a LOT of Revivals and made it in the nick of time). Unless you have a Pentagram to clean the Drowner, you better reach the Coffin fast enough. As per usual, some enemies are guarding it and you will be able to unlock Zi’Assunta by running over the Coffin as soon as they’re defeated. After that, you will be able to purchase Zi’Assunta from the Start menu (hopefully you didn’t splurge all of your Gold on Golden Eggs!). Also, check out other specifics on the new stage 5 (Cappella Magna) here!

Zi’Assunta has a new weapon, Vento Sacro, a different type of whip that strikes in front of the character in a cone shape and is stronger while you are moving. Vento Sacro can also be upgraded into Fuwalafuwaloo. In order to unlock it for other characters to use, you must survive 15 minutes in any run with Zi’Assunta.

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