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How to Get the Bloody Tear Whip in Vampire Survivors

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by Nikola L

Bloody Tear is a Whip weapon evolution in Vampire Survivors which can then be evolved into Fuwalafuwaloo. Here’s how to get the Bloody Tear Whip in Vampire Survivors and more.

How to Evolve Whip into Bloody Tear Whip in Vampire Survivors

In order to evolve the Whip into Bloody Tear, you need to have the Whip at max level and at least one level of Hollow Heart passive. Once you’ve done those, pick up a treasure chest during your run and it’ll evolve.

What Bloody Tear Whip Does in Vampire Survivors

Bloody Tear has an attack that’s very similar to the attack of the Whip. It slashes in a horizontal fashion but has a different, red color attack and some additional effects. The first strike is always deployed in front of the character (depending on whether you’re facing left or right) and then it alternates between slashing behind you and in front of you. If you have Amount leveled up, additional strikes will be hitting slightly above your character’s position while maintaining the horizontal slash.

Bloody Tear has a lifesteal ability that triggers when you crit an enemy. You will get healed for 8 HP and the effect has a 1-second cooldown before being able to trigger again, for balancing purposes. It has a naturally built-in critical chance of 10% for double damage hit.

Two cool Arcana powerups can be selected to further increase the damage output of the Bloody Tear:

  • Arcana XVI – Slash – Doubles the critical damage dealt, meaning that critical hits will deal 4x the normal damage.
  • Arcana VI – Sarabande of Healing – Increases the healing that you get from the lifesteal to 16 HP and deals the same amount of damage in the area around you.

That’s not the end of powering up the Bloody Tear, however. You can also evolve it again, into Fuwalafuwaloo, by combining it with fully leveled Vento Sacro, but more on that can be found here.

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