How to Unlock Arcana XIII – Wicked Season in Vampire Survivors

They really saved the number XIII for a cursed Arcana!

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We are almost done with all of the Arcanas in Vampire Survivors. Arcana XIII – Wicked Season is the 19th Arcana that was introduced to the game, and one of the three Arcanas that will be the last to come to the final release (22 projected total, which leaves IX and XXI as the last ones). Here’s how to unlock Arcana XIII – Wicked Season in Vampire Survivors.

How to Get Arcana XIII – Wicked Season in Vampire Survivors

You need to Reach Level 50 with Christine Davain at any stage in Vampire Survivors in order to unlock Arcana XIII – Wicked Season.

If you do not have Christine Davain unlocked yet, you should level a Pentagram during any run to Level 7. If you haven’t unlocked the Pentagram yet, we have a short guide for it linked below.

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Christine Davain might be a difficult character to play due to the penalties she has (-50 Max HP, -35% Might) but she has the benefits of having +30% Movement Speed and -25% Cooldown Reduction.

Try to pick up the Experience Gems and Chests fast in the early stages so that the Pentagram does not erase them (until you reach higher levels of Pentagram which do not delete the items as often) and make sure to level up Luck as this will be important since it is factored in the Pentagram’s calculations.

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What does Arcana XIII – Wicked Season Do?

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Growth, Luck, Greed, and Curse get temporarily doubled every ~10 seconds. The way this works is that there’s an icon of one of the four visible passive bonuses that are currently being doubled and a semi-circle that is shrinking itself, like a countdown timer or a stopwatch.

Have a look at it below:

Screenshot via Prima Games

In addition to that, every two levels, your character gets +1% to each of these four categories every two levels. This Arcana is going to be great for aggressive Gold Farming, along with the new Secret Character Big Trouser.

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