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How to Unlock Arcana VIII Mad Groove and Arcana X Beginning in Vampire Survivors

You absolutely won't believe how busted one of these is.

by Nikola L

Vampire Survivors Patch v0.7.0 brings two new Arcanas and oh boy, oh boy, do we have a contender for the Top 3 most broken ones. Here’s how to unlock Arcana VIII Mad Groove and Arcana X Beginning.

How to Unlock Arcana X Beginning and Arcana VIII Mad Groove in Vampire Survivors

Arcana X – Beginning

It’s only fair to begin this guide with an Arcana that’s named Beginning. Unlocking this one is fairly easy. You just need to reach Level 50 with Antonio anywhere. Turn off the “Hurry?” setting and make sure to pick up the Crown that grants you +% experience as a Passive early on and you should be juuuuust fine.

It’s a great powerhouse Arcana. Especially if you start with Krochi and buy the last four weapons from the Merchant. However, it being “great” is nothing compared to being “absolutely broken and overpowered, please nerf” status that Arcana VIII has right now, in our opinion.

Arcana VIII – Mad Groove

Yes, you are reading this correctly.

We are not sure what supernatural entity has possessed the designer of this Arcana, but we feel that it’s completely busted. Scratch the guides for getting Gold Ring, Silver Ring, Metaglio Left, Metaglio Right, we’re reeling these fishies into our starting location right at the beginning of our run (and random pickup items that are scattered across the map). We kind of expect this to be nerfed as a two-minute interval might be just too damn good. Also, be careful when you pick up the above-mentioned items as they spawn the item guardians right next to you as you pick up the item. Oh, and getting it is fairly easy.

How To Get Arcana VIII – Mad Groove

You will need to survive for over 31 minutes in the first stage (Mad Forest) in order to unlock this Arcana. Considering that we’ve gone through the same errand for Arcana XV in Inlaid Library and Arcana XII in Gallo Tower, we can just confirm that it’s done the same way, so make sure to visit those articles if you haven’t done it so far. Krochi comes to the rescue again along with the Clock Lancet.

Enjoy the new Arcana (until they potentially nerf it) and make sure to read more Vampire Survivors articles by clicking the game tag below.

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