How To Unlock Arcana III Tragic Princess and Arcana XX Silent Old Sanctuary in Vampire Survivors

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Arcanas in Vampire Survivors is a powerful way of improving your character’s abilities and weapons which you should not skip by any means (unless you are doing some weird no-arcana challenge) and naturally, poncle has given us quite a lot of Arcanas to choose from, and in this article, I will guide you on your journey towards unlocking Arcana III – Tragic Princess and Arcana XX – Silent Old Sanctuary in Vampire Survivors.

What Do Arcana III Tragic Princess and Arcana XX Silent Old Sanctuary Do in Vampire Survivors?

These two Arcanas have two different applications. Indeed, you can use them together, but I’ve personally found better success by combining them with other Arcanas that provide more synergy. Below, I will explain what both Arcana III – Tragic Princess and Arcana XX – Silent Old Sanctuary do in Vampire Survivors.

Arcana III – Tragic Princess

Tragic Princess is great for movement-based builds (you’ve all heard about the static builds where you don’t move the entire run, so if you’re doing that, skip this Arcana) since it reduces the cooldown of different weapons (Garlic, Soul Eater, Santa Water, La Borra, Lightning Ring, Thunder Loop, CarrĂ©llo) while you’re moving.

Image by Prima Games, from Early Access.
The achievement was made easier in v1.0

As seen in the picture, it is unlocked by reaching Level 50 with Porta. This isn’t that difficult to do. If you do not have Porta Ladonna unlocked, you need to get the Lightning Ring to Level 4 first. Lightning Ring is unlocked by defeating 5,000 enemies.
Prioritize all available XP boosts that you can get (Passive Crown must be taken, and you should invest into Growth prior to your run) and turn off the Hurry so that you can steadily play the entire 30-minute run and get over Level 50 with no sweat.

Arcana XX – Silent Old Sanctuary

Silent Old Sanctuary is kind of a weird Arcana to us as it doesn’t provide much value for many players. We feel that it’s going to be used a lot with character customization, with which people will run (unofficial) challenges to see how good they can do with just one weapon in their inventory. So they’ll basically need all rerolls, skips, and banishes in order to get exactly the build they want.

It gives you +3 Reroll, +3 Skip, +3 Banish, and +20% Might, -6% Cooldown for each active weapon slot left empty.

Unlocking is done by reaching Minute 31 in the Dairy Plant, similar to a lot of other Arcanas. If you are new to Prima Games guides, the gist of reaching Minute 31 is to have specific weapons and passives that will ensure your long-term survival and to turn on Hurry mode so that the seconds pass twice as fast. Get the following stuff to ensure victory:

  • Clock Lancet (so that you can freeze the Reaper).
  • Laurel (so that you do not die that easily) and try to evolve it.
  • Tiragisu (so that you can get revived if you happen to die).
  • Buy Revivals before the game starts.

You can do this with Porta in the same run if you’re already experienced, but if you’re not, we suggest Krochi because he has more built-in revivals in case you slip up. Also, try to save an Orologion just to make sure that you freeze the Red Death at 30:00 so that you can position yourself to run around him to keep freezing him with the Clock Lancet.

In case you need more help regarding unlocking stuff in Vampire Survivors, check out All Achievements in Vampire Survivors Listed or our rich guide database at the game tag below. I wish you good luck!

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