How to Unlock Arcana I – Gemini and Arcana II – Twilight Requiem in Vampire Survivors

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Arcana I – Gemini and Arcana II – Twilight Requiem are the latest additions to Vampire Survivors in Patch v0.9.0.
They are pretty interesting and they work well together, so why not give them a joint guide? Find out what they do and how to obtain them below.

How to Obtain Arcana II – Twilight Requiem and Arcana I – Gemini in Vampire Survivors

These are two out of four achievements that are unlockable in 0.9.0
In v1.0, things change, and this become a Level 50 achievement.

Like with many other Arcanas, your goal is to play a long game with a specific character in order to unlock it.

In order to get Arcana I – Gemini, you need to reach Level 50 with Pugnala (unlock guide here). To get your hand son Arcana II – Twilight Requiem, you need to reach Level 50 with Dommario.

If you don’t have Dommario, you can unlock him by picking up 5,000 Gold Coins within a single run. An Arcana that can help with this is Arcana XV – Disco of Gold, along with the Stone Mask passive ability (find it in the Inlaid Library if you don’t have it, it will be visible on the mini-map).

The usual advice for the long run applies here as well. Max out Growth as soon as possible, and having Curse helps you fight more enemies and nets you more XP. Items like Torrona’s Box, Gold Ring, and Metaglio Right with Curse properties help as well. It’s also a good idea to have Tiragisu to revive yourself should you get caught up.

What Does Arcana I – Gemini in Vampire Survivors Do?

“Listed weapons come with a counterpart” is the description of this Arcana. It applies to Nduja Fritta Tanto, Peachone, Ebony Wings, Vandalier, Phiera Der Tuphello, Eight The Sparrow, Gatti Amari, and Phieraggi. These are new, additional weapons that can be collected in Vampire Survivors. They cannot be used directly. They are autonomous and they are located around the character.

Arcana I – Gemini in Action

Find out how to unlock Cygnus, Zhar Ptytsia, Red Muscle, Twice Upon A Time.

What Does Arcana II – Twilight Requiem Do in Vampire Survivors?

“Listed weapon projectiles generate explosions when they expire” is the description of this Arcana.

It applies to King Bible/Unholy Vespers, Peachone, Ebony Wings, Runetracer, Shadow Pinion, Bone, and Celestial Dusting. This essentially means that when the listed weapons fade away, they deal their damage once again. You will see a visual pulse that goes horizontally.

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