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How to Find the Grim Grimoire in Vampire Survivors and What Does It Do? (0.7.3)

Oh boy, oh boy, a new book to collect!

by Nikola L

Grim Grimoire is a new collectible item (Relic) in Vampire Survivors, found in the new patch 0.7.3 that’s out on June 23, 2022. Read more on what this purple book Grim Grimoire does and how to get the Grim Grimoire for your characters in Vampire Survivors below.

What Does Grim Grimoire Do In Vampire Survivors? (Patch 0.7.3)

Grim Grimoire is a book that can be found in the Inlaid Library. When you pick it up, you will have an option to review all possible weapon evolutions and unions that you have learned so far when you pause the game.

So, in essence, it’s a great reminder to have it ready if you do not know all the combinations in this game by heart (and trust us, the way it is growing, we expect to double the number of current evolutions and unions in a year, and it might be overwhelming to remember everything). If you haven’t unlocked all of the evolutions and unions, head out to our base article on the matter here. It will help you to “write” useful stuff in your new journal, Grim Grimoire.

How to Get the Grim Grimoire in Vampire Survivors? (Patch 0.7.3)

Inlaid Library map

As you can see, we have tried to use the Arcana VIII – Mad Groove to drag the book to us at the start (along with other items on the map). However, this was not possible. The book needs to be picked up manually, but it’s not far, just a minute or two of strolling to the west.

It fell off the bookcase and is inviting you to pick it up

That’s it! No more papers (cheat sheets) on your desk, looking for screenshots on your mobile phone you made to save the list, it’s all in the game right now, available in the Pause Menu whenever you want to have a glimpse at the chart. A great Quality of Life improvement for Vampire Survivors in Patch 0.7.3 which we gladly welcome. We also invite you to review our other Vampire Survivors guides under the game tag below, in case you’re hunting for 100% completion.

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