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How to Unlock the Gracia’s Mirror in Vampire Survivors

Let's invert it all!

by Nikola L

Gracia’s Mirror is the upside-down relic that we covered in one of our Vampire Advent Calendar entries. It allows you to increase the difficulty of the monsters that will be coming your way during your runs. In this guide, we will show you how to Unlock Gracia’s Mirror in Vampire Survivors.

Vampire Survivors v1.0 was finally released on October 20, 2022, following a really popular Early Access phase that lasted about 10 months, during which Poncle consistently dropped content updates that kept shaping the game into what will most probably be the Indie Game of 2022.

How to Get the Gracia’s Mirror in Vampire Survivors v1.0

Assuming you have followed Vampire Survivors through Early Access, you will have the new “Stage” unlocked already. It is called Eudaimonia and the entrance looks like this:

Screenshot via Prima Games

If you have not unlocked this stage by now, you need to gather ALL of the Relics in Vampire Survivors:

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You will see that you are totally stripped of most of the relics and Arcanas and you can walk up to the entity that’s above:

Screenshot via Prima Games

After talking to this Entity you will be met with dialogue that reads:

Screenshot via Prima Games

In order to get Gracia’s Mirror, you need to pick the “Too Easy” option here. You are offered the relic Gracia’s Mirror – click on it and you will be sent back to the main menu.

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Now you can turn on “Inverse” which will be right next to Limit Break. You will get a +200% Gold Bonus, a +20% Luck Bonus, and Enemy Health will get a +200% bonus.

If you unlocked the Seventh Trumpet first and you no longer see this stage, enter any stage with the new options enabled and leave.

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