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How to Unlock Avatar Infernas Secret Character in Vampire Survivors (Piano Puzzle Solution)

Well, this is a tough one to unlock.

by Nikola L

After you unlock the Fireworks and beat the Final Boss Fight against The Directer, you will notice that a 15th secret becomes available. It reads: “It is tangible only in the Inverted Inlaid Library. Good friends might then show the way.”

“What is this cryptic nonsense?” you may ask. Well, that’s why Prima Games is here to help you solve this riddle and to unlock the new secret character called Avatar Infernas!

How to Solve the Piano Puzzle and Unlock Avatar Infernas, New Vampire Survivors Secret Character

A few steps are necessary for you to be in the position to hunt this secret character down and have it fight on your side. First, you will need to, of course, beat the final boss.

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When that is done, head out to Inlaid Library, make sure that it’s inverted, and make it last forever, because you’ll probably need a long time to finish this.

The “good friends” are the same friends from before. Our dear Ebony Wings and Peachone must be equipped in order for this secret sequence to be visible. Important: DO NOT COMBINE/EVOLVE THEM. If they get lost from your inventory like this, the sequence WILL NOT WORK.

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After you have secured the two pigeons, you need to run very far to the east (right). Basically, run in the middle path of the map and keep pushing right, past the position of the Gold Ring and Metaglio Right. You will see Purple Death playing the Piano – defeat it. It’s not moving or attacking you so the bigger problem is if you accidentally pick up the guardians of the Gold Ring and Metaglio Right. Hug the upper side of the wall of the Library while you are near them to try and evade them.

Screenshot by Prima Games

Piano Buttons Order in Vampire Survivors

After defeating the Purple Reaper, sit behind the piano. You will need to play a tune. We are not sure if it’s the same for everyone or randomly selected, but you should, at any rate, follow where the birds are flying and press those keys in the exact same order. Click the GIF below to see the sequence we had! Do not worry if you miss it, it keeps looping.

GIF made by Prima Games

Our combination was:

  • 2nd in the bottom row
  • 6th in the bottom row
  • 5th in the upper row
  • 5th in the bottom row
  • 1st in the upper row

When this is done, you will be ejected into a new Arena. In that Arena, you will see nine coffins on your map (and arrows will be pointing to them). Open them all and eventually, White Death will come to pick you up after you kill all the enemies and open all of the coffins (Apologies to our readers, we’ve annihilated anything resembling a boss in this phase without even noticing it due to too many effects on the screen and the black shroud around our character). It’s inevitable to die from it, so do not worry.

Congrats! Now you also have the new weapon, Flames of Misspell, and something else down the line.

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