How to Unlock the Seventh Trumpet and Endless Mode in Vampire Survivors

The Great Trumpet of Doom

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The Seventh Trumpet is one of the new relics in Vampire Survivors v1.0 which provides players with the ability to play Endless Mode, which has been a popular demand from many fans that want to test their character’s strength against never-ending waves of enemies that keep getting stronger over time.

In this guide, Prima Games shows you how you can unlock the Seventh Trumpet in Vampire Survivors v1.0.

How to Get the Seventh Trumpet and Unlock the Endless Mode in Vampire Survivors v1.0

We received news of the Seventh Trumpet in Vampire Survivors on the very first day of the Advent Calendar, and everyone got excited because that is exactly what the community has wanted from Poncle. And Vampire Survivors seems to be the revelation of the Indie scene in 2022, given how wholesome the dev team is, the community, and of course, the game.

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Before we unlocked the Seventh Trumpet, we unlocked Gracia’s Mirror (it is done on the same stage) and you will soon see how these two are connected.

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So basically, you need to have all the relics in the game unlocked before you get to choose Eudaimonia M:

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When you enter the stage, you need to speak to a shadowy entity (don’t worry, no fighting will happen now). If this is your first choice, pick the right option and the Trumpet will be granted to you. If you have already visited this stage for the other relic (Gracia’s Mirror) then you will have just click “OK”. If you do not see the stage for the second time, enter any stage with every option enabled (including the new one) and leave or finish it.

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After making your choice, you will get your Relic!

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