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Where to Find the Ars Gouda and How to Unlock the Bestiary in Vampire Survivors

We'll need to cheese our way through this unlock.

by Nikola L

Ars Gouda is a cool new relic in Vampire Survivors that, at the time of writing, is optional and doesn’t bring much to the actual gameplay. But players who are into statistics and numbers will certainly love having it. Find out why below.

How to Unlock the Bestiary in Vampire Survivors

Ars Gouda is yet another book that you can find as you roam the Vampire Survivors stages. We advise you to make sure that you have the Milky Way before seeking out the Ars Gouda. Here is where to find the Milky Way Map in Vampire Survivors if you need a guide.

If you have the Milky Way, then you are good to go and need to hop on the Dairy Plant stage. If you haven’t unlocked it so far, just make sure that you reach Level 40 with any character in the Inlaid Library, the previous stage (unlocked by reaching Level 20 with any character in the first stage, The Mad Forest).

Once you (finally) make your way onto the Dairy Plant stage, Green Arrow will point down and indicate where the Ars Gouda is. You can also pause the game and open the map and see the approximate location better. The Gallery below should provide you with some visual tips.

What Does Ars Gouda Do and What is Bestiary in Vampire Survivors?

Similar to some games (Serious Sam is the first to come to mind), you now have a database of the enemies you have defeated. Alongside their animated picture, you will see how many you have beaten so far and their stats (Health Points, Power, Speed).

Bestiary in v0.8.0

You can also see their resistances, special skills, and where they can be found. The ones that have their names written in yellow are the enemies that have led to unlocking something in the game after you defeated a certain number of them, for example, unlocking Bianca Ramba by defeating the Milk Elementals.

Right now, there are just about a dozen enemies, but the developer has promised that more entries will be available in the coming patches.

We hope that this guide has been helpful and we invite you to check out more of them here at Prima Games, under the Vampire Survivors tag below.

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