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How to Evolve Cross into Heaven Sword in Vampire Survivors

Carry the Cross, or Suffer the Loss.

by Nikola L

Cross is one of the more popular weapons in Vampire Survivors. You get it pretty early in the game, it’s very powerful, and its evolution is pretty heavenly (pun intended). Without further ado, here’s how to evolve Cross into Heaven Sword in Vampire Survivors.

How to Unlock Cross in Vampire Survivors

The Cross is unlocked by finding a Rosary (drops from Light Sources and looks like a pendant with a cross on it). It is also the starting weapon of Krochio Freetto. You will unlock him eventually by defeating a total of 100,000 enemies in all of your runs accumulated.

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The evolution of Cross works absolutely the same as with any basic weapon: you must first get the maximum level of the weapon you want to evolve. You do this by simply picking it whenever it is offered to you in the level-up menu, or by trying to get it through a lucky roll from a Treasure Chest (which is not that likely, so do not put much faith into this method!).

When you finish this task, you need to secure at least one level of the Passive Item that is mandatory for the evolution to happen. For Cross, you need to have the Clover as the additional ingredient for this concoction. The Clover increases your Luck by 50% at the maximum level (10% per each level) and you can unlock it by finding a Little Clover that drops from a Light Source. And also, you can find it in the Mad Forest and Moongolow stages, as a stage item that you can pick up.

If you have the Cross maxed, and Clover picked up, you are all set. You just need to pick up a Treasure Chest after you kill a stage boss. When you do that, in almost all cases, the game will give you the evolution of the weapon that you are eligible to evolve. Two times during your run, the game will drop an Arcana chest (assuming that you have unlocked the Randomazzo) which will give you the opportunity to choose an Arcana.

Heavenly Sword is a very powerful weapon. It is, as its name suggests, a sword that bounces between the enemies and deals a lot of damage (it can also crit). It is also the starting weapon of Gains Boros, a secret character. Try mixing it up with Arcana XVI and Arcana XI for maximum efficiency.

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