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How to Evolve Axe into Death Spiral in Vampire Survivors

You have my Axe! And my Death Spiral!

by Nikola L

Axe is one of the earliest weapons you can get in Vampire Survivors. It’s a weapon commonly used by new players, but the evolution called Death Spiral is very powerful and many players hold it as a favourite. Here’s how to evolve Axe into Death Spiral in Vampire Survivors.

How to Unlock Axe in Vampire Survivors

Axe is the starter weapon of Lama Ladonna, which you unlock by surviving for 20 minutes with at least 10% Curse active. It is one of the weapons that is unlocked already when you start playing Vampire Survivors, so there’s nothing that you need to do for this part.

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The other component for evolving the Axe is a Passive item called Candelabrador. Candelabrador increases your Area by 10% per each level of the item during the game (up to 50% maximum). You can find it as a stage item on two stages: Dairy Plant and Moongolow.

In order to unlock Candelabrador (so that you can choose it as you are levelling your character in your run), you must first get Santa Water weapon to Level 4. No worries – Santa Water is also available immediately. And, you can evolve it, too!

The procedure to evolve Axe is similar to how most weapons are evolved. First things first, you need to max out the weapon you intend to evolve by either levelling the character and choosing to level the weapon, or by chasing the odds that you will get that exact weapon from a Treasure Chest (not recommended, save the chests for evolutions). Then, you need to have at least one level of the Passive item required for the evolution.

Finally, you need to pick up a Treasure Chest and hope that it will roll the evolution for you. In rare cases, it provides you with something else, like an Arcana for example. Congrats!

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