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How to Evolve King Bible into Unholy Vespers in Vampire Survivors

Holy stuff can't do you harm when you are against Vampires!

by Nikola L

King Bible is one of the weapons in Vampire Survivors that you can get very early in the game. It’s a great Area of Effect weapon that surrounds you and tries to keep enemies that are very close to you (kind of like what Garlic does). But there’s a more powerful variant of this weapon called Unholy Vespers and we have prepared its evolution guide for you below.

How to Unlock King Bible in Vampire Survivors

King Bible is also one of the starter weapons in Vampire Survivors, which you are eligible to get during level up. It is also the starting weapon for Dommario. You can unlock Dommario by earning 5,000 Gold in a single run.

The more you level up the King Bible, the more bibles will be flying around you in circles, hitting and damaging enemies that try to get too close to you.

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The procedure to evolve the King Bible is similar to how most weapons are evolved. First, you need to reach the max level of the weapon, by either leveling your character and choosing to level the weapon (when you get that option offered) or by hoping that you will get that weapon from a Treasure Chest that a boss drops. Second, you must have at least one level of the Passive item which is required for the evolution in your inventory. In this instance, we are talking about Spellbinder.

Spellbinder can be found in the Gallo Tower and Moongolow stages as a stage item. But, if you want to unlock it so that it is offered to you as you level up, you need to get the Runetracer weapon to Level 7. Spellbinder increases the Duration value for your character by 10% per level (maximum 50%).

Third and final step: Get yourself a Treasure Chest and hope that it will yield the evolution from the first attempt.

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