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How to Evolve Fire Wand into Hellfire in Vampire Survivors

Time to go full Popeye on this.

by Nikola L

Fire Wand is just one of many ranged weapons in Vampire Survivors, which is easy to get and Evolve into Hellfire.
We promise you, Hellfire did not get its name from a joke or anything – be assured that a lot of destructive force will be unleashed as soon as you complete the evolution process. Here’s how to evolve Fire Wand into Hellfire in Vampire Survivors.

How to Unlock Fire Wand in Vampire Survivors

Fire Wand gets unlocked once you destroy 20 torches in all of your runs. It is also the starting weapon for Arca Ladonna.
He is unlocked by getting the Fire Wand to Level 4 in any run. So, you technically get more than one unlock with this guide.

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The evolution of the Fire Wand works pretty much the same as any other core weapon in Vampire Survivors:

  1. You must obtain the highest level of the weapon you intend to evolve by choosing it when you are in the level-up menu or by getting it randomly from a Treasure Chest during your run.
  2. When you’ve got that covered, you need to have at least one level of the Passive Item that’s necessary for the evolution. In this case, it is Spinach. Luckily, you don’t need to do anything regarding Spinach because it is available when you start playing the game. It is also present as a stage item in the Mad Forest and Moongolow stages. What Spinach does is that it increases the damage you are dealing by 10% per level (50% max).
  3. You need to pick up a Treasure Chest after killing a (mini) boss. In most cases, the game will prioritize the evolution that is doable, but in cases where the chest you are looting is an Arcana chest, you’ll get an Arcana (assuming that you have unlocked the Randomazzo).

Voila! You have your own Hellfire now. Enjoy the great balls of fire that it produces. You can even use Arcana XIX and Arcana XI to further upgrade it. The damage is massive even without the upgrades and we are sure that you will enjoy it.

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